Dr. Blaine Parrish (right) honors Legacy president, J.E. Rash, with George Washington University's Silver Medallion

Thursday, March 8 in Marrakech, Morocco.

Legacy Founder and President, J.E Rash, was honored with the George Washington School of Public Health & Health Services Silver Medallion Award. The award was given during Legacy’s North Africa Community Health Initiative.

The Silver Medallion Award recognizes Legacy’s “malleability, brightness and vision as well as the ability to adapt to change and to continue contributing over a long period of time in the area of public health.”

Also honored were the Medical Knowledge Institute and the American Public Health Association.

The Medallion was presented by Dr. Blaine Parrish, Assistant Professor of the Community-Oriented Primary Care Program and Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Community-Based Program Management in the Department of Prevention and Community Health at the George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services.

The Medallion, according to Dr. Parrish, recognizes the bond between Legacy International and George Washington University, and the potential for future collaboration to address public health issues in North Africa and other parts of the world.

This award was given during the culminating event of a week-long tour of Morocco with eleven U.S. delegates visiting and consulting with the Moroccan participants of Legacy’s North African Community Health Initiative.

The group visited Rabat, Essaouria, Marrakesh, Taroudannt, and the mountainous village of Ait Haddou Youssef, and included meeting with US Ambassador to Morocco, Sam Kaplan.

U.S. delegates represented Carilion Clinics (Roanoke,Virginia), as well as the Medical Knowledge Institute, American Public Health Associate and George Washington’s School of Public Health.

Mr. Rash with Ambassador Kaplan (left) and his wife, Sylvia Kaplan.

Legacy delegation with Ambassador and Mrs. Kaplan.