For seven years, Legacy International  has administered the Professional Fellows Program (PFP) that brings leaders in the fields of civic engagement, NGO management, women and youth empowerment and entrepreneurship from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria to the United States to broaden their professional expertise and create the groundwork for further international cooperation and world development.

This fall 16 fellows with strong leadership skills from Algeria and Egypt joined PFP. They grew professionally and personally during their fellowship in various non-profit organizations and companies in Washington DC, being exposed to the management, fundraising and project coordination process.

Heba Ghannam and Tech Change

Fellows learned a lot from and with their host organization but most important, they made a significant impact on organizations’ work and on-going projects. For instance, Sarah Romeili, who had fellowship with Congressional Hunger Center, has had her research published and presented at the Annual Board Meeting. Eman Ezat, hosted by KABOOM, delivered a lecture about human rights in a high school and assisted in building a new playground in poor areas in Baltimore. Heba Ghannam, who was hosted by TechChange, was an important part of the panel discussion in the Italian embassy on Digital Diplomacy. Many fellows bonded tightly with their host organizations and established a lasting partnership.

Eman Ezat and KABOOM, building play ground in Baltimore.

Fellows also had a great opportunity to experience American warm hospitality, and American traditions and customs during their time with American families. One of the fellows mentioned that it was one of the best time during the program, as she felt like she was at home, with her own parents.

At the conclusion of the program, a 3-day Professional Fellows Congress was held in Washington DC gathering more than 200 fellows from all around the world to engage in important discussions and provide opportunities for networking and establishing strong cooperation and partnerships in the future.

During PFP fellows developed and presented their projects aimed to serve the needs of  their communities. Legacy will be providing more information about the Fellows’ Follow on projects during their implementations.

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