After conducting an open merit-based competition in Egypt, Tunisa and Libya, 12 new delegates have been selected to participate this Fall.  The Legislative Fellows Program (LFP-NA) brings emerging leaders from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to the United States for  an intensive one month fellowship designed to broaden their professional expertise.

Fellows are placed in non-profit organizations and government offices in Washington, D.C. to learn first-hand how issues in their fields are addressed in the United States. While deepening their understanding of American society, visiting participants also build a broad network of  American colleagues and the other visiting Fellows.

Each professional has hopes and dreams regarding their involvement in the program. Here is a sampling of their determination.

Mohammad_RakhaMuhammad Rakha from Egypt “expects to learn more about the American political system, governance and the role of civil community in public life.”

When he returns to Egypt he intends to focus on career analysis and research for social change at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. He will target the political engagement of women. Therefore, while in the U.S. he hopes to get a better understanding of how women participate in the political system.

Rabab_AhmedRabab Ahmed, also from Egypt manages a psychiatric clinic for the treatment of at-risk children age 2-12 and hopes to her strengthen skills of collecting and analyzing social data to be better prepared to prioritize community needs and set workable development plans.

When she returns to Egypt she wants to expand the clinic to better address the community needs and challenges and help her community to have more control over it’s own development.

Abulsalem_MocassbiAbulsalem Mocassbi, a Senior Language assistant at the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) wants to be “better prepared to help develop Libya’s democracy” by sharing what he learns in the program. He currently works closely with the Electoral Support Term to establish fluid communication with stakeholders, including national electoral authorities, international partners, civil society organizations and NGO’s. It will be useful to him to learn more about the electoral system in the U.S. in hopes of implementing change in Libya.  He aspires to one day be chairman of a humanitarian organization or an organization promoting democracy in the Arab world.

Anis_RouissiAnis Rouissi from Tunisia is in charge of the cooperation with the American and Asian Countries at the International Cooperation Directorate General of The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. He hopes to learn from the success stories of people who make differences in their own countries and to open his mind to different social, professional and political ways of life.

Upon returning to Tunisia, he will be working with educating people on the dangers of improper waste disposal and the benefits of proper recycling techniques to promote Tunisians health and tourism to his country.

Read more about the Fall 2013 LFP Fellows in this exciting program. Legacy International has implemented this program since 2009 and brought nearly 60 similarly inspiring delegates from 6 countries.