U.S. Participants completed the last phase of the U.S.-Indonesian Youth Leadership Exchange Program successfully.

IULX participants were presented with traditional batik clothing – a gift from Legacy partner CCEI. Wearing batik is considered ‘dress’ attire for special occasions.

They visited their Indonesian counterparts in Borneo and Malang, and shared reports on their environment and conservation projects.  While visiting the Indonesian schools, they discussed environmental issues and how the world’s youth can make a difference  in their schools and communities.

Utilizing the leadership development skills they acquired during the IULX program they were able to share with each other the results of their efforts.

What they accomplished in their projects:

  • Students presented 70  Environmental books, written in English, collected in a ‘Library Fund Drive’ to benefit the Borneo School  library of fellow IULX participants.
  • They  joined forces with Balikpapan participants and 100 volunteers to continue cleanup efforts on Montero Beach, Borneo
  • They presented funds raised  to support  fellow IULX Indonesian participants recycling project of wearable clothing made from recycled packaging labels.
  • They spoke about organizing Environmental Clubs in their communities and how they are inspiring fellow students to “get involved”.
  • They shared insights on how to raise awareness among fellow students and how to access and take action on waste and recycling

(Click here see slideshow of program photos)