It sounds like a lot of fun, learning, discovering and studying, what once seemed “foreign” becomes familiar, what once seemed “weird” becomes interesting, and the students find that they have expanded their sense of the world, the environment, and the uniqueness of their respective cultures. They are learning how to bring about positive change in their communities.
1. Watch the slideshow and travel with the Indonesian students , visiting in the U.S., first in California, then traveling to Washington DC.

“We enjoyed the visit to Building REsources, and the students were able to learn a lot about reuse of materials, this is still new in concept in Indonesia. Matt Levesque, program manager of Building REsources, took a dozen young aspiring community leaders from Indonesia on a tour of the Building REsources facility to help inspire them for community projects at home.”

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2. In the next slideshow, they stay with host families in Virginia, and then they meet U.S. students at the Global Youth Village and melded as a group for leadership training, planning presentations and follow on projects and more FUN!

“We visited the Jefferson Memorial, at the end of the FDR Memorial there is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in braille on the wall – this was a big hit, Tari read out each letter and then said the complete words in English as she read across it, they also visited the MLK Jr Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial .  We also went to the White House and briefly met the protestors there.  Then we went shopping before returning to the hotel for Chinese food and a talk about their U.S. Host Family experiences.”

Comment from co-instructor:

“I just wanted to thank the both of you for thinking of me again this year.  I always enjoy my time at GYV and working with the Indonesian youth. Being able to take part in your trainings and programs is refreshing, despite the hard work, because it is truly transformative for the participants. Hope  your other summer programs go well!” Thank you again, Suzanne Shovlin[Not a valid template]3. In the third slideshow the U.S. students travel to Indonesian with their new friends, and are traveling now around Indonesia.

“In less than 40 hours, we traveled from DC to Japan to Singapore to Indonesia. I wasn’t alone in my excitement, and I reveled in my shared disbelief that we were finally traveling to Indonesia… With absolutely no complaining and no issues, we made it through customs to our home for the next 3 weeks.
Off we went, navigating what seemed like the back roads to a country club about an hour and a half outside of Jakarta. It was interesting to see how traffic functions here. With no acknowledgement of pedestrians, brave people are forced to navigate and direct traffic themselves to make it safely across the street. People also walk on the highway, sell random items like dusters in the middle of traffic jams, and pile complete families on motorized scooters.”

[Not a valid template] “We enjoyed a delectable Indonesian buffet, hosted by Legacy’s partner organization Center for Civic Education – Indonesia. They are staying in the Bogor region together in the dorms of the Agricultural University.  The Indonesian students are excited to be eating familiar foods again, and while overwhelmed by the new foods, the US group is eating and enjoying the newness of it all.
We continued with Introduction about Indonesia. The Americans were asking a lot of questions about Indonesia, especially how we elected the president, Indonesian cultures & customs. They enjoyed the presentation and discussion with Head of Forest Resources Conservation and Eco-Tourism, and  the campus tour to Butterfly Captive Breeding and Forest Medicines Conservation Laboratories.”

Happy parent comment:
“We talked with Nikhil this morning and he really seemed to be in great spirits and is thoroughly enjoying his experience.
We are very grateful to you and your team for doing such a wonderful job of organizing this trip and taking care of every minute detail. It is turning out to be a really wonderful learning experience for all of these children. Please thank Mary, Marli and the rest of your team on our behalf. ” -Regards, Navin & Sangeeta (Nikhil Garg’s parents)