We at Legacy International extend our condolences to the US Department of State and to the families of those brave public servants who died this week in the Middle East in service of peace and understanding.  We join with all who condemn acts of violence and hatred wherever and whenever they occur; moreover we continue to affirm the values and the democratic principles that were at the core of these Civil Servants’ principles and lives.

As a nation, by law and by commitment, the United States defends the rights of people of various faiths to live together respectfully.   The staff of Legacy International places its commitment to continue working toward a world where peace is possible and imperative.  We urge people of faith and conscience everywhere to do the same.

Legacy International is currently working with Libyan civil servants as part of our Legislative Fellows Program (LFP-MENA) linking community leaders  from  the United States, Kuwait, and Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.  This two-year program supports young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa, builds capacity in local Civil Service Organizations (CSO),  and strengthens mutual understanding of the legislative and policy making processes in all countries.