LFP Fellows in Washington DCHind Al-Nahedh, CEO of Socialobby, and a social media expert from Kuwait writes in her blog about being a Fellow in Legacy’s LFP program.

“One of my best journeys to the United States was with the U.S. State Department and Legacy International’s LFP of 2012. I have been preparing for it ever since 2011, by applying and searching online. When I got accepted I felt that this was finally happening for real and I really needed to benefit and represent my country well.
National & Community Service

I was placed in one of the most human corporation I have ever been to, Corporation for National Community Services in Washington DC , Department of Public Affairs – which focuses on corporation online activities , engagement and the crowd sourcing projects for sustainable development.Vista Americorps On the other hand, the Legacy team planned our stay with many interesting spots like the DC tour , NY 2 nights trip , and opportunities to mingle with and dine with former congress men and woman at the Hill , along with an interactive panel discussion and private sessions , that answers many political questions Americans have. We also visited the famous Kennedy Center for lovely night of orchestra sounds.

LFP Fellows in Washington DC

At the corporation – they dedicate their time and efforts to manage communities and great number of active volunteers all around the states since 1970 and by that they tend to cover these areas of development with needy people, building their capacity through community volunteers of experts and teachers in VISTA.  It is the very first program that has managed to close many educational gaps via their active volunteers & a life time of service, where the very popular most known program is called Americorps  & NCCC,  that’s because it’s a youth program , and youth engage online and share their stories , their work for habitats, schools, kids, disasters , and the elderly .

lFP Fellows in Washington DC

I was honored to attend with the corporation New CEO Wendy Spencer, a yearly awards luncheon, and took a tour in the National Press Club with Mr. James Fetig. It is one of the oldest, most prestigious press community in the states, and we saw many press conferences taking place and many interesting politicians gathering .

LFP Fellows in Washington DC

I have learned so much about the American political system, how to prepare for writing legislations, & how lobbying for good causes and initiatives work, the great exchange of cultural thoughts, opinions and happening issues from my fellows and how important the role of american politics towards the world economy, and international relations,  when I visited the office of the Livingston Group and a great round table discussion about many hot issues, the Arab Spring , the American elections, lobbying and the art of international business.

LFP Fellows in Washington DC

This amazing program ended with a greater gathering of exchange visitors from all over the world as a Congress, hosted by the U.S. State Department, to introduce the fellows to the most active young entrepreneurs & social activists, woman empowering & environment helpers in the world, celebrating the end of our programs and sharing as much time together in morning skill building workshops and team building & brainstorming sessions. To keep us in touch, they got us on a great online global community forum for the fellows, so we can share experience, photos, articles and initiatives.

LFP Fellows in Washington DC

My next steps when I got back home is to engage with real issues that will make change for my community, focusing on the important role of small businesses to Kuwait’s economy and small business owners , as its trending among the young investors and service providers, hence I decided to work a follow-on project,  to  amend the law of small businesses, as it contains many limitations for getting the license and online trading and commerce via series of activities and meetings with the right people in the parliament and business owners, along with the love of social entrepreneurship & woman empowerment in the technology field .

Big thanks to The US Embassy , Legacy & U.S. State Department for this exchange experience , I will recommend it for sure.” :)

These are some video links from several events :