J.E. Rash President and Founder

The recent tragedies here in the USA and around the world are heart-wrenching and evoke deep thought and reflection on the state of our society and our world.

Our hearts and minds tend to get engaged in the moment on what is most local and familiar; what is near and what is culturally near to us; but we must struggle to remember all who are suffering, all children who are the victims of crime and war and personal violence; domestic and global.

Nothing is diminished in our grief or our resolve when we expand our sight; nothing is diluted in our search for solutions when we are inclusive and use the tragedies as footholds for change in the ardent hope and prayers for that change.

We are not only the stewards of the planet we are the representatives of what is good and right; even when we ourselves know all too well our own weaknesses, we still have to assume responsibility for promoting change for the better; within our self , within our community, within our world.

Legacy International has tools for conflict prevention, for dialogue, for character development and leadership, for values based policy and we are ready to assist in anyway possible to alleviate the suffering of others, to begin a process of healing.

As my dear friend Dr. Harold Robles, founder and President of Medical Knowledge Institute says: the solutions are found in Prevention Through Education. Our hearts our minds our prayers extend to the deceased, their families, their community and to all who have suffered such tragic loss.

Let’s hear no more political talk and let’s demand and participate in actions that begin the rectification of the ills of our societies.
Let the day come when we feel for all as much as we feel for those nearest to us. I truly believe it will deepen our love and our compassion for those nearest and dearest. After all we live now in a world of 1 or 2 degrees of separation. Perhaps this is the benefit of the digital world…an opportunity for the Community of Humanity to unite.

J.E. Rash
Founder/ President
Legacy International