“During workshops and social gatherings, the Global Youth Village summer camp encourages young people to cooperate and embrace their differences, while learning to communicate with people from other countries.”

Debra Block, writer for the Voice of America, (the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government) gave a compelling video report, entitled “A Global Camp for All the World”, Legacy’s longest running program, the Global Youth Village (GYV). Young teens from around the world shared their skills, from ballet to Chinese paper cutting, Spanish language to Kitchen craft. Enjoy the video about one participant’s discoveries!

You can check out the great photos of this summer’s excitement and creative learning at the GYV Flickr site. Teens from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Japan and the United States enjoyed a variety of activities, while attending leadership development workshops and learning how see similarities and differences in cultures and religions. Native English speakers and ESL students alike were on level-playing field when it came to arts projects or basketball or dance. Sharing activities begins the process of exchange which is then guided into constructive dialogue.

Global Youth village FLickr photos 2014

Students from 9 countries met with Legacy International’s Founder, J.E. Rash, this summer,  to learn about “Universal Values”, which are “values that virtual every person around the world shares”. Universal Values include:  family, understanding, compassion, security and happiness. Most people can agree that these are things ALL people want, regardless of culture, religion or country of origin.

Leadership and culture at the Global Youth Village

One of the key tenants of GYV is cooperative problem solving, and students practice that even through silly games!  Naturally, a few students began to rise up as leaders of the games.  One great things about GYV is different students bring different strengths to each activity. Someone who is shy in one activity will step up and be the leader of the next!

Enjoy more great stories at the GYV Blog.

Since 1979 Legacy has hosted GYV on its 80 acre campus, fostering dialogue, friendship, and cultural awareness between youth from over 107 countries around the world. The Global Youth Village offers teen summer programs that focus on intercultural communication and community action. Morning workshops focus on living your life as a peace builder, on living your life as a social innovator and on living your life as a global citizen. The youth delve into topics and explore customs, traditions and hardships of their peers around the world. Participants develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and an expansive world view which stays with them for life.  Pass on the word to students you feel would make great global leaders. www.globalyouthvillage.org