On Monday afternoon, the Legal Aid Society of the District of Colombia hosted Khalid, Basmah, Sara, Mashael, and Ali, Omani and Kuwaiti participants in Legacy’s Legislative Fellows Program. Jodi Feldman, Director of Pro Bono and Intake Services, and COO, Kathy Hays  spoke with the group about the type of work that is done at Legal Aid.  Legal Aid’s Pro Bono Program was  a topic of great interest to the fellows, particularly with regard to how cases are referred to mentors and the probono attorneys.

Chief Operating Officer, Kathy Hays said in her blog post, “While our guests were here to find out about our organization, we found that we learned a great deal from them about how similar work is conducted in their respective countries.”

Basmah Al-Kiyumi (Oman), Khalid al Haribi (Oman), Mashael Alhajeri, (Kuwait ), KathyHays Sara M. Alasousi, (Kuwait), Jodi Feldman and Ali Abdullah Al-Saidi (Oman).

The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia was formed in 1932 to provide civil legal aid to individuals, families and communities in the District who could not otherwise afford to hire a lawyer. Over the last 75 years, Legal Aid has helped tens of thousands of District residents obtain meaningful access to justice.

Legal Aid staff and volunteers provide a continuum of services from client education to full representation before a court or an administrative tribunal.