Teachers who recently participated in the Training of Trainers program utilizing the LivingSidebySide® curriculum, will meet again for a Professional Development Retreat with Legacy’s  trainer and curriculum developer, Shanti Thompson and program staff of partner, International Center Interbilim (CIB).  Through a step by step process, our teachers are enabling students to move toward respectful coexistence.

Peacebuilding in KyrgystanThe participating teachers have completed the required  36 hours of youth training with positive results, (Round One Youth Training included 200 students meeting several times a week after school  in two hour sessions). Inspired with hopes and dreams for their country, the teachers are beginning to see that attitude and behavioral  change is possible through in-depth training with a curriculum suited to their multi-cultural society.

Nadira Buvanova, a teacher in Kyzyl-Kia town in Batken oblast was surprised to see results happen so quickly.  She shared her observations about her student, Shamil Karaibragimov.

Peacebuilding with youth in Kyrgystan

“This boy has an interest in learning new things. Yet, he was known to classmates and to his teacher as being very aggressive and would fight a lot with other kids.  He is even listed in the juvenile database as being problematic and causing conflicts. In the midst of the 6 week training, he stated that he loved LivingSidebySide®  and that he is seeing changes in himself.

He is becoming more tolerant and peaceful over the last few weeks. When an issue arose in his class, he helped his classmates prevent conflict by encouraging them to use listening skills and by setting up rules for negotiations. He facilitated the dialogue between the two conflicting sides and asked them to respect each other, thus avoiding further conflict”.

Ministry of Education and Science

Tanabar Sultanhodjaeva  and Altynai Djumabaeva, are  team teachers in Djalal-Abad.  They recounted the following story about their student, Beknazar Adanov.

“Beknazar has a history of conflict with his father. His parents are divorced, and he expressed that he hated him and would ignore him whenever he could. He would refuse to respond to any attempts that his father would make to communicate.

After completing the conflict management plan of lesson 13 of the LivingSidebySide® Peacebuilding program, he made a plan to improve communication with his father.  He now believes that he can  negotiate with his father to alleviate potential problems.  Now, he feels that “it could be so easy” (because of his new way of thinking and methods that he has been given).

History of LivingSidebySide® Peacebuilding Efforts in Kyrgyzstan

Working across the ocean to plan, develop, and implement this comprehensive program has  formed a  close knit relationship among members of  Legacy’s Team of Excellence™. See video interview with J.E. Rash, President, Legacy International as he describes Legacy’s Teams. httpv://youtu.be/WJvN0WMzsW4

Legacy International’s Program Director, Marlene Ginsberg, Training Director, Shanti Thompson, and CIB’s Program Manager, Asel Kuttubaeva, appreciate the trust formed over years of working together on several projects, most recently having successfully completed the Kyrgyz Women’s Leadership Program.  Rounding out this Team is Chinara Irasova, Training Coordinator-CIB/Osh, who effectively oversees day to day operations.