Legacy would like to thank Bright Images for their work digitizing our video footage from the 1980’s.  This important step enables Legacy to complete its feature-length documentary “Time for Understanding” (taped in the US and in Israel and Palestinian territories).

Israeli and Palestinian youth on stage at the Global Youth Village in 1985

In 1985 and 1986 Legacy trained Israeli Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youths from Jerusalem, an Israeli kibbutz, and the city of Akko, in leadership and dialogue skills.  These young leaders travelled around the US to summer camps, including Legacy’s Global Youth Village, to share their perspectives with American teens. (That documentary “Planting Seeds for Peace” aired on the Discovery Channel.)

In 1987 these young leaders were interviewed for the “Time for Understanding” documentary.  Twenty five years later, these adults are now in their 40’s and are professionals making a positive difference in their communities.

One Legacy Alumni is a district attorney of Jerusalem, having served in the Israeli Army as a Captain. Another is a director of a modern Palestinian city in Ramallah that is being developed. A third alumni is a successful businessman with his own oil and gas company. A fourth is an orthopedic surgeon, while another is a speech therapist working with children in Jerusalem.

Legacy will be returning to the region to interview these social innovators and completing the “Time for Understanding”documentary.  Using flashback, the video will examine the directions their lives took, the forces and factors affecting their attitudes since they participated in dialogue activities in the US, and to share their current attitudes and hopes for the future.

Thank you Bright Images for helping us take the first step toward completing this powerful documentary.