“I have seen the LivingSidebySide® Peacebuilding Program in action each summer at Legacy’s Global Youth Village for 3 decades.  I know the dialogue methodology works.  In the last few years, we have had the opportunity to lay the groundwork toward conducting a pilot program in 3 southern regions of Kyrgyzstan where there has been inter-ethnic conflict.  We expanded the curriculum to ensure a focus on understanding conflict, and learning methods for prevention and resolution. We made sure it was sensitive to the Kyrgyz culture and implemented the curriculum through 2 person teams of teachers of diverse ethnicities.

So for the first time in any country in the world, LSBS, a 36 hour comprehensive training, is being piloted in 10 schools with the potential to expand nationwide.  After a Training of Trainers for 20 teachers in February, two rounds of youth trainings, the preliminary anecdotal results are filtering in!  364 kids planned and implemented 40 inter-ethnic service projects and more than 7600 people benefitted. They loved this experiential program!

We are seeing change in attitude and behavior in the teachers and students and in some family members.

This week I am headed to Bishkek to share many more results of the program with the Ministry of Education and Science with which there has been much cooperation to date, with international donors, and others interested in how peace is created!  More results to come!” – Marlene Ginsberg, VP/Professional Programs, Legacy International