20 young leaders and 3 teachers have been selected for the Indonesian Youth Leadership Program and will arrive in the U.S. in July for a one month civic education and leadership development program.  Participants are selected competitively based and  represent the pluralism of the Indonesian Islands; Muslim, Christain, and Hindu students are from all over Indonesia, including,  Riau Island Province, West Java, and Sulewesi Island.  Two students and one teacher are selected from each region.

The Delegation from Batam, Riau Island Province:

Qistina Satriavi Yusuf
Her nickname is Qisty. She is 16 years old and a Muslim. She was born in Padang, West Sumatra. Her family moved to Batam Island about two years ago because of an earthquake that occurred in her hometown. She lives with her extended family: a brother and sister, a cousin and her grand mother. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. She is studying at SMAN 3 Batam, a public state high school. Her favorite subjects are biology and art. Biology is fascinating to her, especially the structure and function of humans, plants and animals.

She loves reading novels and comic books, drawing and painting. She also loves listening to all kinds of music. In her free time she works as a reporter for a local newspaper where she increases her skill in writing while earning a small sum of money. She also spends time with her friends, going to the library to read or to the Mosque for prayer. She is interested in hiking in the mountains In the US, she wants to visit the White House and an amusement park like Disneyland, and meet new friends. Her future goal is to be a doctor.

Ferry Fhrans Valentinus
His nickname is Ferry and he is 15 years old. His family is Christian and Bataknese, the native ethnic group of North Sumatra. He was born and raised in Batam, a small island bordering with Singapore.  He is a student of SMAN 1 Batam, a public state school. His hobbies are reading books and writing short fiction stories. At school, Ferry is a member of the student choir, English debate club and scouting. He has received several academic achievements in science, math and English competitions. He loves learning foreign languages; besides learning English he also studies French, Japanese and German. He wants to be a doctor and continue his study at Oxford University.

TEACHER: Mr. Africelli
Africelli goes by the nickname of ‘Celi’. He is an English teacher at SMAN 1 Batam, a public state high school. He was born and raised in a Minangkabau family, the native ethnic group of West Sumatra. He moved to Batam after he finished his undergraduate study.  A single man, he has traveled to both Singapore and Malaysia. Celi is the secretary of the Batam English Teacher Association, an elementary school teacher trainer, as well as an advisor to the debate club. The local government of Batam hires Celi as an interpreter when foreign visitors come to Batam.

He is active at his Mosque and has received awards in the martial arts (Karate), singing and English speech. He has a personal library of over one thousand books, which he is very proud of. He shares his library with the local community, neighbors and students. This is a valuable service as libraries are very rare in rural communities in Indonesia. His hobbies are listening to all types of music, travelling and photography.  He had a band in his hometown and used to play the bass. In the US, he would like to observe the teaching process in an American school and the implementation of democracy in daily life.

For more information about the Indonesian Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) and to read more profiles, visit the IYLP page.