Why do people enjoy hosting internationals in their home? 
A few hosts share their thoughts. . .


Skip and Vickie Larrington have been hosting Legacy’s international visitors at their Smith Mountain Lake home for 10+ years. Recently they traveled to the Middle East and connected with their “daughters” from TechGirls.  Read more about their one of their recent hosting experiences.


“I just wanted to say how much Ron and I enjoyed our recent guest, Hanane Belhaj [from Morocco]. She is a delightful person. Every morning she would come downstairs and in her lilting accent say, “Good morning, Ron, How are you today?”  He’d have the coffee ready and she would head for the fridge, get some milk to heat and make her half coffee-half milk- sugar brew. Always cheerful, always eager to help…..a wonderful guest. We reveled in her enthusiasm for life. Ron would have gladly adopted her as a second daughter – in fact, he was very sad to see her leave  – that’s quite an accolade! She even called us when she returned safely to her parents’ home in Essouira…just to let us know. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to make friends with such a sweet and kind person.” -Edith and Ron Reese


“We were surprised and delighted at how much our lives were enriched by hosting a youth from Indonesia. These young people taught us so much about their culture and their religion, but most important, they inspired us with their courage and determination to make a difference in their world.”
— Allen and Judith Larson, Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Feruza, from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, with her host family Bill Modica and Pat Kelly.


“Truly, connecting with people from another country is one of the most unique experiences to have-we learn so much from each other, and how much we are alike. I think that as the world becomes smaller and our global community becomes so interconnected, it is important to know and understand and appreciate other cultures.”
— Claudia Albert, former Vice President, Trust Department, First Community Bank


“The total experience has been fantastic: I think all of our employees have enjoyed meeting the different folks who have been here. Just getting to know who they are promotes an international brotherhood, more than anything else.

We form such relationships and friendships-it’s been unbelievable! We still correspond back and forth with even the first Russian guest that we had, and that was years ago! Every one of them has been different, and every one of them has been special to us in some way. They’re so appreciative of being here, and of everything that they get to do, they just endear themselves into our hearts!
–Ed Reilly, President, RNE Corporation


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