A. Families provide a spare bedroom for their guest. Functioning entirely in a second language can be very tiring and privacy at times is much appreciated. Families also provide two meals per day, usually breakfast and dinner to be eaten with the family or following the family’s normal routine. The interns receive a per diem to cover lunches, phone cards, and other expenses.
A. For most participants, this is their first trip to the United States and cultural activities or ordinary experiences are very interesting. Some suggestions include family activities, outdoor recreation, sporting events, shopping, or trips to local points of interest.
A. Many participants have conversational skills. After your homestay application is accepted, specific information about your guests is provided.
A. International visitors are selected through a highly competitive process by a committee consisting of U.S. and local representatives, spearheaded by the U.S. Embassy of the region. Careful background checks and interviews are conducted with each candidate.  The selected participants represent the best and brightest of their communities.  Home stay placements are determined by matching mutual interests and needs of potential home hosts and guests with geographic proximity in relation to the program schedule.
A. The family usually provides transportation to a specified drop-off site where a Legacy van transports participants to and from the activity. Many times, host families who live near one another car pool and share this need.