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Will you help us continue to create a Legacy of hope, empowerment, and change in our world?

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I write to you today with good news: our work is changing lives. Dedicated people, trained by Legacy, are bringing positive change to their communities every day. Working tirelessly at the grassroots level, these young leaders impact thousands through successful follow-on projects. They need your support to continue.

J.E. Rash President and Founder

Will you help us continue to create a Legacy of hope, empowerment, and change in our world? Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Legacy International before December 31st.

These young professionals, youth, and leaders in local governments and NGOs return home from Legacy programs with a vision for a better future and the skills to build it.

Here are three stories from this year:

After participating in the Legislative Fellows Program, Amna returned home to Libya and started the “iRead Campaign.” She and a team of 15 volunteers interviewed 928 families living in refugee camps. Each family was given information about the benefits of girls’ education and assistance in overcoming the barriers to sending girls to school.  (Read more: A Legacy of Human Rights)

Iraqi teenagers Khalid, Maryam, and Abdulaziz, participated in Legacy’s Iraqi Youth Leadership Program. They started a student group at their school gathering and distributing food and clothing to poor families in Baghdad. In their first round of activity, they distributed aid packages to 50 households. (Read more: A Legacy of Helping the Poor)

Sharukh , a 9th grade student, participated in a Living Side by Side® tolerance training in Kyrgyzstan.  Prior to the training, school authorities described him as “short-tempered, emotional, and argumentative.” By the end of the program, he said, “I used to be sure that problems can only be solved by applying brute force, and did not realize that they can be solved without violence.” Living Side by Side® has been implemented in 40 schools across Kyrgyzstan; the 550 students who participated demonstrate increased knowledge and skills in inter-ethnic understanding, conflict prevention, and mediation. (Read more: Multi Ethnic Harmony in Kyrgyzstan and Attitudes are changing in Kyrgyzstan)

We invite you to support Legacy’s successful work with a year-end donation.

Legacy International’s programs enable success stories like these every year. We need your support. Your donation is tax deductible as Legacy International is a non-profit organization (Federal I.D. #51-0249070).

Our work speaks through the voices and manifests through the hearts and hands of thousands of young professionals, youth, and leaders around the world. Join us in helping them help themselves and others.

I thank you in advance for your contribution.

J.E. Rash, Founder and President

Legacy International

If you are a Federal employee, please consider giving to “Youth Leaders for the Future: A Legacy Initiative” #11143 in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Your donation creates real practical, and sustainable change by supporting a global network of youth leaders spanning five continents.

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