From the President

Dear Friend,

For 35 years, we have worked on international projects, bringing universal values and team-building tools to address local, regional, and global needs. Legacy’s programs have focused on developing the leadership, skills, and relationships needed to resolve and prevent conflicts. Individuals and groups from different cultures have joined to work together to pursue common goals.

Access to a constructive, peaceful life is a fundamental human right. Yet, since conflict is also widespread in human society, conflict prevention is an essential endeavor in all parts of the world. Without it, there can be neither democratization, nor development, nor poverty reduction. 
In its 35 years of accomplishments, Legacy has equipped thousands of citizens worldwide to emerge as solution providers, helping to set in place building blocks for sustainable, inclusive societies. Toward the goal of a secure and peaceful future, we have prepared teams of excellence, ready to address the critical decisions of today’s world.

Areas of focus include:

  • Peacebuilding and conflict resolution-gaining skills and perspectives to break vicious cycles, creating transitions out of conflict to seek justice and ethnic harmony.
  • Leadership development-nurturing competencies for effective ethics and values, comprehensive leadership and cross-cultural sensitivities.
  • Civic education-exploring principles, legal structures, policies and methods; mastering skills and organizing citizens’ actions; and
  • Capacity building  and regional development-assessing needs, convening coalitions, creating and carrying out action plans to improve local and regional conditions.

As we move into our next thirty years, bringing Legacy’s work to Central Asia, the Balkans, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, I invite you to join us in cooperative partnerships that will bring new skills and increased competencies to all whom we serve.


JE Rash,
 Founder and President

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