Dear Friend,

We at Legacy International have been working to make a more peaceful and equitable world for 38 years.  I am humbled and honored to report to you that we continue to expand our work in new and exciting ways to accomplish our goals.  We have developed new tools to address local, regional, and global needs, while staying true to our focus on developing community leadership, education reform, women’s empowerment, conflict prevention, public health and civil society development.

At the root of this is my firm belief that access to a constructive, peaceful life is a fundamental human right. Without it, there can be neither democratization, nor development, nor poverty reduction. 
In its 38 years, Legacy has equipped thousands of citizens worldwide to emerge as solution providers, helping to set in place building blocks for sustainable, inclusive societies.

One of the first building blocks of social stability, personal creativity, and peace-building is stable employment.  We need to create ways to both provide for the social needs of communities and create new avenues for job creation. In the MENA region alone, it is projected by the World Bank that there will be a need for 100 million new jobs by 2020.

This is not merely an economic issue, it is a security issue, it is a human rights issue, it is a public health issue, and it is a global issue. Youth unemployment is a challenge that must be met with creative ideas and opportunities, framed by Universal Values.

Recently, we at Legacy have turned our attention to this challenge.  We have expanded our decades of successful civil society work to include serving private sector entrepreneurs and visionary social “venturers” by creating LIV (Legacy International Ventures). Our unique values-based and culturally sensitive approaches to training, branding and project/organizational development, allow us to further support talented young professionals in both the private and public sectors; creating partnerships for successful enterprises that contribute to communities both economically and socially.

We offer those in the Legacy community and others access to our network of experts, Teams of Excellence ™ and our 38 years of experience.  This means that successful social projects, like Mohammed Arif’s Hand washing Campaign to prevent disease in rural Morocco, or Sarah Ait Mouh’s Organic Seed Bank Project will be linked with for-profit entrepreneurial ventures to create a sustainable loop that gives back to the community.

These are the go forward goals of Legacy International. We maintain our vision for a more peaceful and equitable world. We have proven our ability to sustain this work and to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  We remain dedicated to assisting young professionals in achieving their vision and goals, in partnership with others and us.

I invite you to join us in this endeavor. Your knowledge, your skills, your vision, and your financial contributions make the Legacy of the future possible.  The dream that our children and generations to come can live in a better, safer, and healthier world can be realized, at the very least, in part with Legacy International, and Legacy International Ventures.


JE Rash,
 Founder and President