Previous Fellows (NA)

Spring 2013 Delegation as follows:

Ola Omran (Egypt)

Education: M.Sc. (Biochemistry), Ain shams University, Cairo; Diploma in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, Ain shams University • B. Sc (Biochemistry), Ain shams University • Masters in Public Policy and Administration, Global School for Public Policy and Administration, American University in Cairo

Current Title and Place of Work: Trainer, Egyptian Red Crescent (Part time)

Current Responsibilities: Provide training on first aid for participants from different companies, governmental authorities and society groups, participating in different health awareness campaigns such as Avian and Swine flu, awareness campaigns for rural areas, participating in the school program which provides training to school children. Also, participate in rescue operations during emergency conditions like conflicts and demonstrations. Also participates in development programs in cooperation with Unicef and the WHO.

Memberships and Volunteering: Egyptian Red Crescent Association (ERC), Al-Boraq charity organization, Resala Charity Organization, Al-Hana and Khair charity organizations, Masr El-Mahrousa organization for society development

LFP Placement Information: American Public Health Association (APHA)

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in learning about leadership and how to develop and provide good and efficient public services and social development activities. Interested in building contacts with international nonprofit organizations and government offices to gain experience and knowledge in strategic planning and administration.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Interested in participating in a common project with my colleagues from different countries. Wants to gain professional experience in leadership and administration of nonprofit organizations and social developments projects and activities. Would like to conduct a national awareness campaign against hepatitis C, since Egypt ranks number one in hepatitis C prevalence. Interested in exploring collaboration between the government Ministry of health and civil society organizations to increase HCV awareness among Egyptians and reduce infection.

Vision: I see my country after 10 years as one of the most economically developed countries in the MENA region with a stable political situation, high quality education and health systems and reduced poverty and illiteracy levels. I aspire be an academic instructor with achievements in civil society. In the future I aspire to be a representative in the Egyptian Parliament and eventually become the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt. “

Nermin Helmy Ahmed (Egypt)

Education: MSC in investment & Finance, the Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport, (2012); Feasibility Studies Diploma, Faculty of Economics and Political Science (2005). Bachelor Degree in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), English Section (2004)

Current Title and Place of Work: Senior Project Officer, ALROWAD USAID project

Current Responsibilities: Prepare technical proposals for all institutions, organizations and entities that have a prospect partnership with ALROWAD (a private sector-led initiative to support the Egyptian economy) to provide technical support to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). Setting the annual plan for the project’s events, especially those related to community leaders. Heading the events management team and assisting with the budget plan. Provide periodic reports to USAID.

LFP Placement Information: Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (New York 7th District) Democrat

Motivation and Professional Interests: Meeting experts from different countries that will add to my experience, getting exposed to different cultures and various professional aspects. Add to my skills and professional experience, especially leadership skills that will enable me to invent new initiatives in the fields of social development in Egypt.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Would like to do a certain project or create a policy paper that can be presented to the Egyptian government about two things: 1, inventing new ideas to empower women and include them in the workforce of the country, and 2, initiate a program to encourage entrepreneurship in Egypt, especially for those who are in the last year in university studies and recent graduates who have innovative ideas that can benefit the country.

Vision: My vision for my county in 10 years is to be number one in the Middle East from the economic and social welfare perspective, and for Egypt to be an emerging country realizing its potential. However for myself, I would to be a manager in an international organization who can develop programs and projects that can benefit the MENA region countries.

Kareem Sadik (Egypt)

Education: Currently studying for a post graduate Diploma of Civic Society and Human Rights, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University; Bachelor’s degree from Veterinary Medicine College, Cairo University

Current Title and Place of Work: Managing Program Specialist at the Health Management and Research Unit, Center of Development Services-CDS

Current Responsibilities: Writing proposals, delivering training and capacity building programs, monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects and activities, and networking with partners and stakeholders

Memberships and Volunteering: Veterinary Medicine syndicate, Medical professions union syndicate

LFP Placement Information: American Public Health Association (APHA)

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in community development through civic society. In reference to the current situation in Egypt, where reform and restructuring are taking place in a debatable way, the program will build capacities in the area of policymaking through civic society and provide related knowledge and skills. Also, networking with corresponding organizations and experts which will benefit career as a civic society activist.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Establishing the first hepatitis patients association which will advocate for the hepatitis C issue in Egypt from all sides, from addressing related health policies to evaluating therapeutic services and enhance prevention activities. Interested in meeting with organizations active in HCV advocacy and education.

Vision: Simply, I imagine Egypt as a country where equity, dignity and diversity is valued, and where we could develop with creative solutions. I hope to found an Egyptian health organization that aims to achieve all of the above values in the Egyptian community in the area of public health, and we will tackle health issues with consideration to social determinants of health and examine the role of policies and governance.”

Tasnim Gazbar (Tunisia)

Education: 2010 Ph.D. Management Science, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Tunis; 2002 Master of Marketing, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Tunis; 2000 Master of Management Science, Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Tunis; Master of English, Bourguiba School Institute, very honorable; 1996 Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management

Current Title and Place of Work: Assistant Professor, Consultant and Political activist; University of Administration of Companies, Viacompetences Consulting and Training Company

Current Responsibilities: Teaches Management and Marketing at the university, and a Ph.D. since 2010. Runs the family business as a consultant. Civil rights activist since 1997 in Tunisia and started being a political activist since the revolution of 14th January 2011; Now a member of the executive committee of one of the biggest new democratic parties, Nidaa Tounes, and in charge of youth and women leadership strategies and political development skills.

Memberships and Volunteering: Independent activist and participant in NGO conferences on democracy transition, human rights and women defenders of rights.

LFP Placement Information: Congressman Tom Petri (Wisconsin 6th District) Republican

Motivation and Professional Interests: Expect to learn more about key success factors of implementing democracy. Looks forward to sharing experiences with Americans and others in the democratic, social and economic transition process they are going through. Also seeking to improve political skills as an ambitious and active woman responsible of the coming changes in Tunisia and the MENA region. Searching for better ways to resolve political conflicts and violence, enhance the process of building positive change within political parties and the political process.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Would like to work on foreign relationships with my country and how to train youth to be part of political life and conscious that they are the leaders of the future. Interested in expanding political communication skills and participation of youth and women, working on increasing their voting rate and their active involvement in the political process. Wants to tell people: don’t be afraid of democracy and be the change you want to see.

Vision: My vision is of Tunisia as a peaceful, democratic and open country, which believes and acts in the Arab world and the MENA region as the leader of positive change in society, preserving human rights. Tunisian people are living in dignity, tolerance and respect of national difference and international diversity. Tunisia is a leading country in successful foreign relationships with all countries, especially in Europe and the USA. I see myself as a leader in a democratic government or in important organization.”

 Karim Karmi (Tunisia)

Languages: English, Arabic, French, German

Education: Lycee Khaznadhar (BA Math) 2008, Institut superieur des langues de Tunis (Maitrise degree in English and linguistics), 2010; The University of Southampton (Master’s degree in applied linguistics)

Current Title and Place of Work: University teacher, University of Manouba Current Responsibilities: Lecturer in the Department of English, teaching human rights, translation, and oral expression classes to English majors

Memberships and Volunteering: Member of a group of Tunisian English language teachers, and a member of the Chevening alumni group

LFP Placement Information: German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMFUS)

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in helping Tunisia in the process of democratization and improving skills as a language teacher. Since the Revolution, Tunisia has been going through a difficult period. Administrative reform is an essential prerequisite to democratization. Understanding the strengths of the American system will help in bringing democracy to Tunisia. This program will be a great opportunity to think of and implement effective administrative reforms at all levels. Interested in finding out the way the American system manages to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all citizens. Since the Revolution many Tunisians have been complaining about unemployment and they have resorted to violence in some cases. Examining the way the US government deals with the crisis of unemployment will certainly help Tunisians find clues to deal with this. The language teacher plays the role of a cultural mediator, and must be able to bring the model of the native speaker into the classroom.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Interested in finding out how youth in the United States are dealing with the phenomenon of unemployment. Many Americans have university degrees, but show no objection to embarking on jobs that have nothing to do with their degrees, if there are no other options. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Tunisia. Most university graduates turn down any job opportunities that are not in line with their degrees. Would like to include some awareness-raising sessions for his students and provide examples of people who have shown flexibility in their career paths. Youth in Tunisia should change their mentality and be less reliant on the government. They have to be, at least for the time being, ready to fill the urgent job positions in order to help the country get back on its feet.

Vision: If Tunisians abide by the law and work hard, it would be possible to turn Tunisia into a real democracy. All this depends on the will of the people. We are getting support from the United States and the European Union, and we have to make the most of this privilege. In 10 years, I hope I will be a senior lecturer at university. I hope I can become a member of a big international organization as I am very interested in working with people from all over the world.”

Charfeddine Yacoubi (Tunisia)

Education: Bachelor Degree in Law, Juridical and Social Sciences University (Tunisia), 2000; Post-graduate diploma, Tunisia National School of Administration specialized in audit and control, 2003; Master in Public Administration (MPA), Winner of the Best Student Award, Dubai School of Government (Dubai), 2010

Current Title and Place of Work: Director, Ministry of State Property and Land Affairs

Current Responsibilities: Auditing and evaluating a wide category of state-owned enterprises and public administration; auditing employment programs and public purchases; assessing risk factors and recommending appropriate corrective measures in state-owned enterprises; evaluating World Bank projects in Tunisia in the farming and social fields; elaborating on laws under review; establishing monitoring programs; researching and updating new public audit techniques and ensuring that findings are assessed and presented for awareness and potential implementation.

Memberships and Volunteering: Treasurer of The Tunisian Association of Public Auditors

LFP Placement Information: Congressman Tim Walberg (Michigan 7th District) Republican

Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to know more about how the American political system is organized and how the checks and balances system helps ensure that no one branch becomes too dominant. Wants to know how the United States government works to ensure effective and efficient public participation. In addition, LFP will expand practical knowledge about how to design, implement and evaluate public policies and how to use new research methods for more successful public interventions. Furthermore, this program will be a great opportunity to interact and network with many Americans and young Arab leaders.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: I am interested in a project that helps young people start their own local business and become more entrepreneurial. This experience will help provide the skills and capacities to create such a project. Interested in meeting with entities that help young Americans create businesses and learning about their programs. Also interested in meeting NGO’s involved in small business, learning about their activities, and how they encourage young people to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Vision: In 10 years Tunisia will be a democratic country that respects human rights, equality of citizens, and assures the peaceful transition of power. Tunisia will be a competitive and innovative economy, have a sustainable environment, and provide a high quality life to all citizens. Tunisia will have one of the best educational and healthcare systems. I want to be a part of a strategy that will ensure the success of this vision through my government responsibilities and through charitable work to promote social integration and the inclusion of vulnerable people.“

Samah Ben Cheikh AhmedSameh Ben Cheikh Ahmed (Tunisia)

Education: Diploma Of Advanced Studies in Marketing; Bachelors in Marketing; Management University: The Higher Institute of Management, Tunis (ISG)

Current Title and Place of Work: Project coordinator, Club UNESCO Alecso Bardo

Current Responsibilities: Responsible for daily management of the association’s activities, relations with media, and our community partners. Leads team of the community radio station, “Ana Tounsi Radion,” which is animated by youth. Manages the production of political programs, selects potential candidates for casting, supervises team members and follows up with their first programs. Also does own political and cultural talk shows. Also a member of the steering committee of national project with the United Nation Development Program of “Constitutional Dialogue.” Radio programs match with the National Constitutional Dialogue Project of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), which is managed by The UNESCO ALECSO Bardo Club (UABC) in Tunis. Broadcasts two hours a week live programs: 1), “People Talk,” which deals with political hot topics with well-known guests, and 2), “Quick Trip,” which deals with introducing foreign countries to the Tunisian youth.

Memberships and Volunteering: Magrhebian Young Leaders, The French Marketing Association, and Free Radio Journalists LFP Placement Information: Office of Congressman Sean Duffy (Wisconsin 7th District) Republican

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in learning how the US governmental system works and comparing it with the government of Tunisia, to learn about free speech radio broadcasting dedicated to youth, and to interact with leaders from around the world. Would like to learn management and communications skills in order to better reach the youth audience of Tunisia. Interested in learning and sharing something new and professional of mutual interest from the other international participants.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: In the future, I plan to program a live show dealing with international economic, social and political issues, which influence Tunisia. As example, the war in Syria, the Arab Spring domino effect, etc. An experience with similar live broadcast by media in the USA would be beneficial in improving the communication skills of my team members at Ana Tounsi Radio. Most team members are youth with limited experience working under stress and time constraints.

Vision: As a pioneer of the revolution of dignity and freedom, I am confident that Tunisia will be among the developed countries in terms of democracy, freedom, values, economic grow and the rule of law. In 10 years time, I am confident that thanks to such trainings as the Legislative Fellow’s Program and daily interaction with professionals at work, I will be a professional leader in managing teams and programs in media, democracy and human rights projects.”

Rabeb Ben KhalifaRabeb Ben Khalifa (Tunisia)

Education: Master’s in Applied English and professional communication from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Sfax (2012); BA degree in English language and literature from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Sousse (2008), University degree in English from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Sousse

Current Title and Place of Work: Research Assistant, International Organization for Migration

Current Responsibilities: In charge of writing reports on human trafficking in Tunisia and the status of Tunisian women after the revolution, in addition to illegal migration. In my research, I rely on the news, magazines, newspapers, seminars, and I sometimes meet in the ministries or other state organizations for information.

Memberships and Volunteering: Member, Tunisian Forum for Youth Empowerment and Bus Citoyen. Both aim at promoting citizenship and human rights. LFP Placement Information: Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (Connecticut 3rd District) Democrat

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in breaking cultural communication barriers, spreading a culture of dialogue between Muslim and Western peoples, and moving beyond stereotypes. As a social activist working in spreading the values of citizenship and human rights, this Fellowship is an excellent opportunity to share experiences, ideas and expertise and to benefit from each other and strengthen mutual understanding of the legislative and policymaking processes of our countries.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: As an activist in the Tunisian Forum for Youth Empowerment, currently working on a project to spread a culture of citizenship and principles of human rights at schools in the governorate of Manouba. The goal is to build a strong and vibrant civil society post-revolution and to instill among young people values of active citizenship, learn principles of human rights, understand democracy, encourage them to practice their fundamental rights, empower them to communicate effectively, and teach them principles of respect and peaceful coexistence.

Vision: My vision is for Tunisia to become a model of democracy and human rights for all Arab countries. Tunisians have to build a strong democratic state where people enjoy their freedoms and citizenship. After ten years, I see some, but not all, of the goals of the revolution achieved. At the economic and social level, I see that the Tunisian economy prospering and becoming more competitive, reduction in unemployment and poverty rates, improvement of the standard of living, and development in the interior region. At the political level, citizens and political parties will be more mature, there will be more liberties, and people will live principles of human rights. For my academic and professional life, I will carry on my study and complete my master degree in international relations.”

Salaheddin GharmanSalaheddin Gharman (Libya)

Education: (BSc) Mechanical Engineering, University of Derby UK

Current Title and Place of Work: CEO, Shahed Organization

Current Responsibilities: As the Manager of Shahed Organization, devoted to “Saving Lives and Building Futures,” my responsibilities include leading the management team, raising the visibility of the organization to donors and running the activities of the organization

Memberships and Volunteering: Founder and CEO of Shahed organization for election observation; volunteered with Doctors without Borders in the UK LFP Placement Information: Campaign Legal Center

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in learning about transparency issues, especially with regard to elections at the local or national level. Works largely in election observation, and deployed around 3000 observers from all around the country and observed the election process. Still sees a need to enhance the process.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: By improving and learning skills in election observation and transparency, offering workshops within the NGO for all 3,000 observers in Libya. Interested in learning about lobbying, how NGO’s put pressure on governments, and encourage transparency.

Vision: My vision for the program is to improve my skills and capabilities in all aspects of the political and electoral process, and learn about improving transparency. I look forward to improving my leadership skills and improving election processes and election observations in Tunisia, and eventually promoting elections and democracy in other countries in Asia or Africa. Interested in a future career in politics.”

Alaeddin TantushAlaeddin Tantush (Libya)

Education: M.Sc. (Computer Engineering), Academy of graduate studies, Tripoli, Libya, 2012; B.Sc. (Computer Engineering), Al-Fatah University, Tripoli, Libya

Current Title and Place of Work: Value Added Services Engineer, Aljeel

Current Responsibilities: Computer engineer working in MVNO project, Virtual Mobile responsible for value-added services and SIMs

Memberships and Volunteering: Member of “1Libya” NGO

LFP Placement Information: The Livingston Group

Motivation and Professional Interests: Professional expertise in advancing the legislative process in Libya in a professional manner. Promote understanding of the U.S. legislative process and society. Organizing activities, enhancing skills, meet people from around the world, share knowledge and ideas.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Interested in monitoring and evaluation tools that enable citizens to assess the performance of politicians and measure public opinion. Interested in promoting direct dialogue between politicians and the community, empowering the public to voice opinions and concerns. Interested in preparing workgroups to identify the subjects and scopes of current affairs which can promote reform, involving traditional leaders, NGO staff, and local officials. Wants to conduct an awareness campaign to inform people about the purpose and benefits of government policies, having communities voice their opinions about politicians, help politicians evaluate their scores, hold meetings between politicians and community focus group, document the process and record scores.

Vision: Libya scored very poor in the Corruption Perceptions Index as did most countries affected by the Arab spring. The message is that the administration and civil societies need to work closely together to be able to overcome problems of transparency and corruption, which was the cause of the uprising. Starting from surrounding areas is the best way to get expertise and move on, so I am from the founding members of my company’s staff union and I’m an activist member in employees’ labor rights. I took the responsibility of organizing and supervision the Staff Union elections. I’m also the admin of an Employees group on Facebook.

After 10 years from now I believe such initiatives and hard work will transfer Libya from our situation after revolution to a more stable, organized and trustworthy society and put the country on the right track of democracy, freedom and people’s rights. I hope I will get the opportunity to make some positive changes, which benefit lots of people and enhance their lives. “

Muataz OsheibiMuataz Osheibi (Libya)

Education: University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom Degree of Master of Laws (Oil and Gas Law); University of Garions Benghazi, Libya Law, Bachelor (LLB)

Current Title and Place of Work: Lawyer, Oshebi Law Firm

Current Responsibilities: Deals with firm’s foreign clients doing business in Libya and Libyan companies doing business outside of Libya, which includes helping foreign companies with registering branch offices or joint ventures in Libya, drafting and reviewing of contracts, advising on investment promotion law and assisting clients with their legal activities outside of Libya including attending negotiation meetings and coordinating with international and local law firms to meet the clients’ needs and requirements. I am also responsible for attending court hearings, preparing written submissions and closing statements to the courts in behalf of our clients.

Memberships and Volunteering: Libyan Bar – LLM Society of Aberdeen University, UK

LFP Placement Information: Senator Jon Tester (Montana) Democrat

Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to learn how legislation is made, the role of lawmakers, NGO’s, the Supreme Court and the relationship between the states and the federal government. Being in a post-revolution period, the legislating process is a matter of great importance to Libya and other neighboring countries, especially as the General National Congress is about to start the process of drafting the Libyan constitution. It would be interesting to see how the federal system works for the US and whether such a system could work again in Libya due to the increasing demands of the Libyan people in the east to bring about this form of governance. It would be good to know how human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of trade and many other matters are protected under U.S. law and how Libya can benefit from the US experience.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: I hope to develop and implement a program that will help the General National Congress and the Libyan people to draft a constitution that can achieve the aims and objectives of the Libyan people and can lead to a democratic state that respects human rights, ensure the separation of powers, protect freedom of speech and other important rights.

Vision: “Libya can be a democratic state with a proper constitution that protects the interest and dignity of the Libyan citizens and foreigners who live or work in Libya. During the next 10 years, I wish to further enhance my experience and knowledge in the legal field and political governance, and to become a successful lawyer engaged in political work that can benefit the Libyan people.”

Suliman ElrajoubiSuliman Elrajoubi (Libya)

Education: The Faculty of Engineering, Misurata University, Postgraduate student (current); The College of Industrial Technology (2005) Bachelor of Electric Engineering. Major in Electric Power Systems.

Current Title and Place of Work: Head of Department, Misurata Combined Cycle Power Plant, General Electric Company of Libya

Current Responsibilities: Operation and maintenance of the systems and all paperwork for the employees in the department.

Memberships and Volunteering: IEEE (Engineering Association)

LFP Placement Information: Congressman Chris Van Hollen (Maryland 8th District) Democrat

Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in enhancing skills through interaction with experts, learning the workings of government, and networking with potential contacts for future cooperation. Interested in gaining exposure to specialized facilities not available in Libya. Wants to understand the legislative process and its subtleties and learn how to provide assistance to legislators and their constituents. Would like to learn more about the range of careers available to people interested in public service. Also, interested in personal development, professional preparation and work-based learning opportunities.

Follow-on Initiative Ideas: Engineers in my company suffer from many challenges, including downsizing, lack of empowerment or autonomy, inflexible working conditions, poor leadership, poor communication, heavy workloads or stress, and with no reward or gratitude. Last but not least, there is no sense of social value to the work being done. I am always working to push to change, and with the amount of knowledge, teamwork, and hands-on skills that I will accumulate through the program I will be able to put several strategies in place in order to: 1. Develop the team, 2. Motivate my people effectively, 3. Improve the workplace, 4. Improve communication, 5. Set measurable goals, 6. Rebuild confidence, 7. Focus on talent management and 8., Encouraging young leaders to contribute in political roles.

Vision: I think these are some of the most important challenges Libya faces: security and national stability, the absence of a strong police force, the weakness of the transitional government in communicating with the public, and weakness of the transitional government and General National Congress. This is due to the lack of experience of its members, and many of them have no political experience whatsoever and also have no experience in dealing with the public. Few have held any executive positions before, and in addition many of them came from abroad and knew little about Libya and how much it had changed over the past 42 years. The absence of political advisers is causing a lot of mistakes to be made and they are unable to prioritize things.

Other problems include the weakness of the media and absence of trust. Our leaders must engage with experts, the public and thinkers. Moreover, I believe we should take care of the youth through enhancing the education system, meeting the needs of youth, and reducing drugs use. “

The Fall Delegation in 2012 as follows:

Ahmed NaguibAhmed Naguib (Cairo, Egypt) 
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: Ain Shams University (1999)
Current Title and Place of Work: Corporate Social Responsibility Director at FINBI (Finance & Banking Consultants International).
Current Responsibilities: Work on the annual strategy and action plan for the FINBI to support SME’s and currently working on youth empowerment with a focus on newly launched youth parties and associations.
Memberships and Volunteering: NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Motivation and Professional Interests: Ahmed has been deeply involved in the political scene in Egypt since the revolution and was one of the major figures in the events that unfolded. He has already run for office and intends to run again for the next term.
Follow on ideas: Organize a training for the young members of the newly established parties on campaigning and fundraising. Provide the skills necessary to reach out to the community to form a larger base of support for up-and-coming political parties. He is interested in working with a campaign to help understand the role of young leaders in political life and how parties work on the inside to address community needs.

Ahmed Abd RabouAhmed Abd Rabou (Cairo,Egypt) 
Languages: Arabic, English, Japanese
Education: Ph.D., Political Science. Hokkaido University, Japan. M.A., Political Science. Meiji University, Japan. B.A., Political Science, Cairo University, 2001.
Current Title and Place of Work: Assistant Professor of Political Science at Cairo University
Current Responsibilities: Teach Political Science (ethics, methodologies, and basics) and Comparative Politics (political parties, electioneering). Train new MPs on how to use their legislative power both to interact inside and outside of parliament.
Memberships and Volunteering: Japanese Political Science Association, Japanese Public Policy Studies Association, and Japanese Society of Public Administration.
Motivation and Professional Interests: Ahmed leads a political awareness group that targets normal people to teach them politics in a simple and neutral way. (He has lead this group since April 2011). He also networks with activists and Islamic candidates to train them how to participate in the democratic system.
Follow on ideas: Ahmed’s goal is to design a professional version of his political awareness group. During his fellowship he wants to learn how to design a professional project, how to manage and attract partners, and how to sell ideas and build support for them. He is also interested in developing organizational capacity and building sustainable institutions and organizations.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: 2000: International Youth Village, Youth Exchange—Miyazaki, Japan. 2001: International Youth Exchange, Youth Exchange and Peace negotiation skills—Tokyo, Japan. 2002: Dialogue in the Mediterranean, Youth Gatherings—Tunisia. 2002: Peace building, Negotiations skills—Lebanon. 2003: Globalization: Intersections and challenges, Youth exchange—Berlin, Germany. 2009: Democratization in Asia, Academic forums—Shanghai, China.

Mahmoud IsmailMahmoud Ismail (Cairo, Egypt) 
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: Parliament Studies Diploma, Cairo University 2008; Law Licentiate, Faculty of Law, Alexandria University – 2005
Current Title and Place of Work: Managing Director for Egypt Campaigns
Current Responsibilities: Managing Director of the company; works on election programs
Memberships and Volunteering: American University In Cairo • Council President, Arab Youth Development Congress (AYDC), 2004 • Member, Arab Youth Development Congress (AYDC), 2002, 2003, 2005 • Member, Model of Arab League (MAL), 2001, 2003, 2004 Cairo University • Council Director, Model of American Congress (MAC), 2005 • Council Member, Model of American Congress (MAC), 2003, 2004 • Member, Model Of Arab League (MAL), 2005, 2004, 2003
Motivation and Professional Interests: In my view, rebuilding and modernizing state institutions is the most pressing challenge facing Egypt today. The first priority is to incorporate human rights into the procedures and daily operation of various civil institutions.
Follow on ideas: Local governments in Egypt have a total of 50, 000 elected members. The project I have in mind is to help 1000 young people to run for local government in their communities.

Taher Al-KhateebTaher Al-Khateeb (Kuwait City,Kuwait) 
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: MA in International Law, La Trobe University, Australia (2006); BA and Bachelor in Law, Kuwait University
Current Title and Place of Work: Lawyer, Taher Group Law Firm
Current Responsibilities: Advise members of Parliament on constitutional claims related to flaws in the electoral process, public freedoms, and media regulations on slander and defamation. Through his work he is well acquainted with top ministers, members of parliament, women activists, public figures, and retired politicians.
Memberships and Volunteering: Vice President of Kuwait Mind Sports Association; Member of Fees Committee, Kuwait Lawyers Association
Motivation and Professional Interests: Very interested in the cultural aspects of elections; took part in the campaigns of Kuwaiti parliamentary candidates as a social media consultant. They include Dr. Mohammed Abduljader and Dr. Nizar Mull Jumaa. Wants to promote real democracy in which candidates are selected based on their positions and qualifications, not tribe or ethnicity.
Follow-on Ideas: Wants to reform the system to allow political parties instead of only independent candidates. He will accomplish this through lectures and other means. Wants to learn about campaign administration, persuasion, lobbying, and grass roots campaign activism.

Nassera BouazzaouiNassera Kilito Bouazzaoui (Rabat,Morocco) 
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education: Masters in Communications and Management, Univeristy Nanterrre, Paris (2001)
Current Title and Place of Work: Communications Manager, Transparency Maroc
Current Responsibilities: Communications Strategies, PR, Website management; Event and media planner.
Motivation and Professional Interests: Interested in human development, worked with MEPI, USAID, and UNICEF, before turning attention to Transparency Maroc. Would like to apply knowledge of development on the local level, reducing the digital divide, and apply best practices that she will learn in the U.S. Plans to be the first woman Prime Minister of Morocco.
Follow on ideas: Arab women taking power through social media project; changing mentalities and empowering women.

Zakaria ElbhiouZakaria Elbhiou (Tinghir, Morocco) 
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education: 2008 Bachelor Degree in Social Development, Mohammad V, University.
Current Title and Place of Work: Program Officer, Social Development
Current Responsibilities: Monitoring and evaluating projects, training in project management and development approaches
Memberships and Volunteering: Moroccan Association for Research and Cultural Exchange, Moroccan Center for Strategic Studies
Motivation and Professional Interests: Zakaria works with NGOs and their programs; He is a program officer of a training program designed for NGO members. He would like to gain professional training and transfer this back to Morocco and empower others.
Follow on ideas: Transfer skills to my community through discussion and leadership.

Yasmin Shannan Al-BulushiYasmin Shannan Al-Bulushi (Ruwi,Oman) 
Languages: Arabic, English, Bulushi, Hindi
Education: PhD, MA in Education/English Language Training, University of Leeds, UK; BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman
Current Title and Place of Work: Director of English Language Center, College of Banking and Financial Studies
Current Responsibilities: Director of English Language Center; Member of the Academic Affairs Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, and others.
Memberships and Volunteering: Certified Emotional Intelligence trainer
Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to reform the education system in Oman. Works to give her students a sense of social responsibility and would like to be a candidate for the Majlis Shura (elected council) in ten years. She wants to equip current and future leaders with campaigning and electioneering skills. Goal is to advance English skills in Oman and to increase the participation of native Omanis in the workforce.
Follow-on Ideas: Currently working on the establishment of a National Research Center as a central point of contact for all Omani scholars.

Maryam Al-AlawiMaryam Al-Alawi (Muscat,Oman) 
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: BA, Computer Application, Brindavan College, Bangalore, India (2006)
Current Title and Place of Work: Founder/Managing Director, Soshteck
Current Responsibilities: Spread online messages about social media and other topics to growing online audience. Identify and carry out social projects.
Memberships and Volunteering: Volunteer with various organizations, including the Road Safety Association and various social media projects.
Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to learn about U.S. campaigning and government and how social media is used in politics; also wants to learn about corporate social responsibility in U.S. society. Interested in impacting the youth population.
Follow-on Ideas: Interested in promoting communication to create a dialogue among Omani citizens about politics, including between the younger and older generation in Oman. Wants to prepare youth to become political participants.

Nadia GafsiNadia Gafsi (Tunis,Tunisia) 
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education: 2001: Diplomas in Advanced Studies Business Law 1999: Masters Degree in Political and Social Sciences. 1997: First Higher Degree in Law and Social Policy. 1995: Bachelor of Letters
Current Title and Place of Work: Self-Employed Lawyer
Current Responsibilities: Defending the rights and interests of clients
Memberships and Volunteering: Co-founder and Legal counselor of the League of Tunisian Women Voters. The league works to improve Tunisian women’s ability to participate in public affairs, especially in politics and electoral practices, as voters and candidates based on the principles of human rights and social gender.

Motivation and Professional Interests: “I have been heavily involved in the civil society through voluntary work and social cases that I had to defend as a lawyer—this makes me fully aware of the needs of the Tunisian society and its weaknesses. During the Tunisian post-revolution elections I participated as a candidate in an independent electoral list. Unfortunately, our list did not win any seats in the constituent Assembly partly because all of us were new to politics. I want to learn from the previous deficiencies but also consolidate my knowledge in this domain for future elections.”

Follow-on Ideas: I am thinking of a follow-up project relating to elections in Tunisia, as we are moving toward a more representative form of government. This includes both Presidential and local elections. I want to learn about successful electoral campaign experiences that I can bring back and apply in my community.

Rym JarouRym Jarou (Ariana,Tunisia) 
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education: December 2008: National School of Administration of Tunis, high cycle diploma, specialty: audit and investigations. June 2005: Institute of the High Commercial Studies Carthage (IHEC), bachelor of high commercial studies.
Current Title and Place of Work: Assistant controller of public departments, member of the general control of the public services, Presidency of Government
Current Responsibilities: As head of department in the General Control of Public Services, I am in charge of auditing public structures and enterprises in order to ensure the compliance with rules and regulations and/or to improve the management of these entities (performance auditing).
Memberships and Volunteering: Association of Tunisian Public Controllers
Motivation and Professional Interests: As public controller, my work involves participating in the electoral process. This includes financial aspects (financing of the parties or of the campaign itself) and compliance with legislation and transparency rules. Participating in LFP will enhance my knowledge and expand my skills by having a real and practical experience in an election campaign and will help me be more effective and creative while working in this field.
Follow-on Ideas: I intend to try the experience of switching from public auditing to the private sector (whether in the field of auditing or consulting). In ten years, I hope to start an international career through international organizations.

The Spring Delegation in 2012 as follows:

Alia ElBaddinyAlia ElBaddiny (Cairo,Egypt)    
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education:  Bachelor of Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing, University of New Brunswick, Canada; General Secondary Certificate from Lycee El Horeya, Egypt.
Current Title and Place of Work: Foreign Affairs Committee Supervisor at ElAdl Party (Justice Party)
Current Responsibilities: Responsible for opening channels of communication with foreign political parties, strengthening relations, and discussing future partnerships of mutual benefit between the two countries. Attends foreign conferences and accompanies delegate visits between the ElAdl party and foreign parties and institutes. Deals with all foreign embassies and consulates in Egypt, maintains relations with EU institutions, strengthens political relations with other countries and ineracts with the local and international media.
Memberships and Volunteering:  ElAdl Party
LFP Placement Information: Congressman Reid Ribble
Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to improve the lack of political awareness and help implement a new democratic transformation that serves the people. Encouraged to get people involved in the political scene, empower women and fight for their rights. Motivated to work for social justice and empowering the legislative system to succeed.
Follow on ideas: Improve infrastructure and educational programs for teachers as well as students, improve health programs, vocational training, and foreign affairs relations with a focus on how to maintain them.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Studied in Canada for 2 years.

 Tayseer AhmedTayseer Ahmed (Cairo,Egypt)    
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  Graduated from Tanta University, Faculty of Engineering, granted the degree of Bachelor of Architectural Engineering
Current Title and Place of Work:  Associate at URBANICS, a sustainable development organization.
Current Responsibilities:  Environmental activist who assists the director in preparing and monitoring departmental goals. Serve as representative at state, regional and national organizations, boards, councils, and committees. Fundraising, networking and research, and helping as Community Architect.
Memberships and Volunteering:  Board Member at EECA, Egyptian Earth Construction Association Board Member at Urbanics. Member at GREEN Arm, environmental initiative in Egypt, Member at Bokrah & Midan, a new NGO in Egypt.
LFP Placement Information:  Congressman Alcee Hastings
Motivation and Professional Interests: 
Interested in sustainable development and realizes the need for community cooperation in the effort; understands the need for collaboration and teamwork in accomplishing any task. Sees LFP as a means of improving skills to bring change and progress to the community.
Follow-on Ideas:  Wants to focus on greater implementation of environmental laws and on the preservation of historic and natural areas. Wants to bring progress to slum areas and focus on bridging the gap between policy and implementation.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Mosaic Alumna, leadership program founded by the Prince of Wales. Summit was held in Doha November 2011

Osama MoftaOsama Mofta (Alexandria, Egypt)    
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  MA in International Law and Settlement of Disputes from the University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica.  BA in Law from Alexandria University, Egypt
Current Title and Place of Work: Program Coordinator, International Republican Institute (IRI)
Current Responsibilities: Work as a program coordinator to IRI training programs in Sudan (mainly South Kordofan and Blue Nile). Coordinates and maintains relations with related popular consultation bodies in Blue Nile and South Kordofan states including Parliamentary Commission, Technical Committees, local and international stakeholders. Also assists with the drafting of IRI training and educational materials for political representatives in a Blue Nile state. Very knowledgeable about political parties and has a proven track record of implementing the training programs for politicians.
Memberships and Volunteering: Was a peace fellow in Peace Revolution camp in Thailand (July-August 2010), founding member of the Legal Assistance Association for Women and Children (LAWWC), Egyptian International law association
LFP Placement Information:  Senator Joseph Lieberman
Motivation and Professional Interests: Plans to establish a website to connect Egyptian citizens with Egyptian MPs. This can be of great benefit to Egypt and allow the country to be a leader in the region in the area of social responsibility.

Follow on ideas: Plans to establish a website to connect Egyptian citizens with Egyptian MPs. This website will be a crowd sourcing website and will be a tool for social accountability. The user will have chance to ask MPs in his/her district about any issue related to his district or the country.

U.S. and Relative International Experience: Studied in Costa Rica. 

Hind Al-NahedhHind Al-Nahedh (Kuwait City,Kuwait)    
Languages:  Arabic, English, Spanish
Education:  BA, Mass Communications, Kuwait University (2004)
Current Title and Place of Work: CEO of Socialobby
Current Responsibilities:  Manages operations of Socialobby, a social media sister company to Knockbook digital media organization
Memberships and Volunteering:  Works with Kuwait Vision for Youth program with the Prime Minister’s office to promote youth initiatives; member of the International Public Relations Association.
LFP Placement Information:  The Corporation for National and Community Service
Motivation and Professional Interests: Concerned about corruption. Wants to encourage women and youth to participate in the political process and become better educated about public issues. 
Top Three Professional Interests: Media relations and social media use, increasing accountability and transparency, political participation of women, young people, and minorities, and strengthening non-governmental organizations.
Follow-on Ideas: Wants to focus on youth projects.
Previous U.S. Experience: As a tourist 

Nawaf Al-KoutNawaf Al-Kout (Kuwait City,Kuwait)    
City, Country:  Kuwait City, Kuwait
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  Kuwait University, Kuwait Faculty of Business Administration, Major in Marketing, 2004
Current Title and Place of Work:  Business Development Manager, Al Dhow
Current Responsibilities:  Prepare the annual business development plan, identify training needs, develop staff, develop and implements strategies for new products and services.
Memberships and Volunteering:  Establishing member of National Democratic Alliance, Democratic Labor Assembly, and a human rights activist for illegal immigrants (Bedoun).  Board member of the Kuwait Mind Sports Association. Started an influential cartoon series calling for national unity over tribal and ethnic divisions. Sees himself as a future member of parliament.
LFP Placement Information:   Congressman Andre Carson
Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to run for office and promote the unity of the country. Opposed to divisiveness among ethnic and sectarian lines. Political activist who wants to promote democracy and transparency.
Top Professional Interests: Educating young electors, promoting citizen participation in local governance, labor laws and worker rights, voter education, and political participation of women, young people and minorities.
Follow-on Ideas: Wants to promote unity among Kuwaitis rather than divisions along tribal and religious lines. Wants to continue his influential cartoon series.

Nadia RabaaNadia Rabaa (Casablanca,Morocco)
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish
Education:  MA in International Journalism, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada
Current Title and Place of Work: Freelance Journalist
Current Responsibilities: Freelance journalist and in charge of a new TV program called Niqach2.0 focusing on developments on the Moroccan social networks, post Arab-Spring.
Memberships and Volunteering:  N/A
LFP Placement Information: Congressman Dave Camp
Motivation and Professional Interests: As a French/Moroccan journalist with a background in political science, Nadia has been a privileged spectator of the changes happening in her country. She worked as an advisor to a Moroccan ministry for a year and is thrilled to participate in this fellowship to see how the legislative process works in the US.
Follow on ideas: She would create a daily blog while in the U.S. and, upon her return, use it as a way to communicate the experience with friends and colleagues.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Interned at DPI of the UNHQ in New York, and at the Washington Bureau of Al Jazeera.

 Hassan Zouheir AbassiHassan Zouheir Abassi (Mohammedia, Morocco)
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education:  PhD (1st year) in International Relations, Masters in International Political Economy; BA in Economics and Management, all at University of Leeds, UK
Current Title and Place of Work: PR Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Current Responsibilities: Give strategic advice to the Minister and Party; Head Campaign Manager for PJD party, member of local council
Memberships and Volunteering: Active member of Parti de Justice and Development (PJD); co-founded a non-profit called “All for the improvement of Mohammedia”; Deputy Campaign Manager and Head of Communications for head of PJD
LFP Placement Information: Congressman Bobby Rush
Motivation and Professional Interests:  Has been preparing for his political career for years, sees a huge gap of trust between citizens and elected officials in Morocco and is working with the PJD party to prepare a 2012 platform that will bridge this gap and bring back trust to political institutions.
Follow on ideas: Recognizing the importance of adequate funding to the success of every social-minded endeavor, he would like to raise money for needy city projects and non-governmental projects.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Academic studies in the UK; Main speaker for the Muslim Community on the Israeli-Arab conflict though the Leeds Interfaith Society with members of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim community. 

Imad Eddine RachidImad Eddine Rachid (Rabat, Morocco)
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Education: Master’s degree in Project Management and Engineering, Engineers School, Angers University, France
Current Title and Place of Work: Director of Administration and Finance, Academy for Educational Development
Current Responsibilities: Supervise key activities that deal with different stakeholders including public sector and civil society representatives, oversee and monitor the project’s budget, including all program activities
Memberships and Volunteering:  Active professionally with NGOs.
LFP Placement Information:  The Corporation for National and Community Service
Motivation and Professional Interests:  Has designed and managed a long list of successful projects for civil society and youth; would like to reinforce his capabilities and skills in establishing better mechanisms for cooperation between civil society and the state, sharing best practices, and ensuring education, especially in rural areas.
Follow on ideas: Wants to set up an NGO with regional dimensions to aggregate and coordinate regional initiatives and NGOs, with the hopes of expanding this to the larger MENA region.
U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Feb 2010: Training on financial software, London; May 2009: Alternative sentencing for young inmates, London; October 2007: Project Management course, Pretoria; July 2007: Mediation and Conflict resolution, Paris; Worked on USAID project on Education in Morocco

Miad Al-BulushiMiad Al-Bulushi (Oman)    
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  BA in Translation, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman (2006)
Current Title and Place of Work:  International Relations Specialist, The Research Council
Current Responsibilities: Works with international organizations to promote collaborations with Omani science and research bodies. Previously worked at the Ministry of Social Development promoting Omani civil society.
Memberships and Volunteering:  Primary focus on NGOs, women in government, and social change
LFP Placement Information: German Marshall Fund of the United States
Motivation and Professional Interests: 
Interested in learning how U.S. NGOs are formed, recruit volunteers, and engage in community outreach. Also interested in finding NGOs that might be interested in future collaboration with the Research Council.
Top Three Professional Interests: Strengthening non-governmental organizations, policy formulation, drafting legislation and legislative debate, and the political participation of women, young people and minorities.
Follow-on Ideas: Wants to start own NGO: The Omani Society for Research and Innovation.
Previous U.S. Experience: Participated in the 2009 “NGOs and Civil Activism” IVLP conference

Mubarak Al-HinaiMubarak Al-Hinai (Al Akhdar, Oman)    
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  MA in Public International Law, University of Kent, UK
Current Title and Place of Work: Legal Researcher, Ministry of Legal Affairs (MOLA), Government of Oman
Current Responsibilities: Reviews contracts and international agreements; issues legal opinions
Memberships and Volunteering: None
LFP Placement Information:  Congresswoman Susan Davis
Motivation and Professional Interests: International treaties will soon be approved by the Shura Council in Oman, and the Ministry of Legal Affairs will be involved with this process. LFP will provide important preparation for this work. Wants to empower the public to participate in the decision-making process in Oman as the country moves in the direction of citizen participation. Wants to inspire people to work hard, improve the efficiency of government, and encourage dialogue between the government and civil society.
Top Three Professional Interests: Policy formulation, drafting laws and legislative debate, strengthening the institutions of elected government, and strengthening non-governmental organizations.
Follow-on Ideas: Wants to organize workshops for members of the Shura Council so they know how to review international treaties and develop guidelines for them.
Previous U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Studied in UK

Ahmed Al-MakhmariAhmed Al-Makhmari (A’Swaiq, Oman)    
Languages: Arabic, English
Education:  LLM in Commercial Law, Cardiff University, 2010; Oxford Brookes University, Headington, UK, 2008
Current Title and Place of Work:  Legal Researcher, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Government of Oman
Current Responsibilities: Involved in legislation drafting committees and review of international treaties and conventions, writing research reports on legal issues.
Memberships and Volunteering:  None
LFP Placement Information:   Congressman Terri Petri
Motivation and Professional Interests: Wants to learn legal drafting skills and the role of NGOs in the process of making laws.  Interested in advancing the right to self-expression and assembly. Wants to encourage critical analysis of proposed legislation.
Top Three Professional Interests: Promoting citizen participation in local governance, strengthening non-governmental organizations, and strengthening the institutions of elected government.
Follow-on Ideas: Interested in the promotion of a Constitutional Court in Oman to safeguard basic rights. Wants to organize discussions between citizens and members of elected Shura council about proposed legislation concerning the basic rights of citizens. Also wants to encourage law students to participate in discussion of pertinent legal topics.
Previous U.S. and Relevant International Experience: Studied in UK