Previous Fellowship Program (MENA)

The 2011-2012 Legislative Fellows Program (LFP-MENA) links community leaders  from  the United States, Kuwait, and Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.  This two-year program  supports young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa, builds capacity in local Civil Service Organizations (CSO),  and strengthens mutual understanding of the legislative and policy making processes in all countries.

Slideshow of Spring  and Fall LFP Fellows in Washington DC

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Congressional / NGO Fellowship Program (Spring 2012) Election / Campaigning Program               (Fall 2012)
Based in Washington DC, this program will focus on public accountability, legislative procedures, and relationships between government, citizens and NGOs.   Fellowship placements for each  fellow will provide first hand direct experience of day-to- day workings in the U.S. Congress and major civil society organizations. This program will focus on elections, campaigns, and political awareness and will take place during the U.S. 2012 elections. There will be 8-9 days of training in Washington DC, followed by 12 days of field work on campaigns in Pennsylvania, Maryland or Virginia, and North Carolina.