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Legacy International in partnership with AMIDEAST conducted an open merit-based competition in Kuwait and Oman.  We received over 100 applications and interviewed 40 people for the 20 finalist positions.

For the fall delegation in 2010, 6 Kuwaiti and 7 Omani delegates were  selected.

Enjoy this video of Delegates arrival in Washington DC


Fall Delegates include:


Abdullah Al-Awadhi1. Abdullah Al-Awadhi (Kuwait)
City, Country: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Languages: Arabic, English, French, German
Education: B.A. International Studies, American University Washington D.C. Current Title and Place of Work:  Chief of staff for Member of Parliament Dr. Aseel Al-Awadhi
Current Responsibilities:  Strategy, media coverage, social appearances, legislative matters.  Was in charge of fundraising during her campaign.
Memberships:  Board Member National Democratic Alliance, National union of Kuwaiti Students
Motivation: Understanding how policymaking works in the U.S. government, both organizationally and tactically.   Interested in establishing tolerance among diverse groups, aspires to be a member of parliament
Professional Interests: government transparency and reform, foreign affairs, economics, energy independence, NGOs
Previous U.S. Experience: undergraduate degree at American University

2. Mariam Al Shemali (Kuwait)
MariamCity, Country: Rumaitheya, Kuwait
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: B.S.C. in Biochemistry Kuwait University, final stages of MBA from Maastricht School of Business
Current Title and Place of Work:  Director, Research administration, Kuwait University
Current Responsibilities:  Planning and oversight of all university funded research projects and other national institute research projects
Memberships:  Kuwait Graduate Society, Scientific Committee of Cancer Campaign, Association of Research Manager sand Administration  (UK)
Motivation: Her work impacts Kuwaiti strategic development plans and responses to current problems and new bylaws.  Also wants to learn about youth leadership development.
Professional Interests: Government transparency, reform, cultural diversity, human rights, food and water security, and renewable energy.
Previous U.S. Experience: lived in Ohio for 2 years

3. Sara Alaousi (Kuwait)
SaraCity, Country: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Languages: English, Arabic
Education: BS is Statistics and General Management Kuwait University
Current Title and Place of Work:  Junior statistical analyst, Ministry of Justice
Current Responsibilities: Preparation of statistical and field studies in social and economic affairs of Ministry of Justice
Memberships:  Sout al Kuwait (organization focused on community awareness of constitutional and legal rights)
Motivation: Would like an international experience that will enhance her ability to develop a strategic plan for Kuwait, wants to see tensions between parliament and ministries diminish.
Professional Interests: Active in expressing concerns to parliament members, women’s issues, government transparency and reform
Previous U.S. Experience: no

4. Mashael Alhajeri (Kuwait )
MashaelCity, Country: Rawda, Kuwait
Languages: English, Arabic
Education: PhD in law University of Essex UK
Current Title and Place of Work: Assistant Professor of Law, Kuwait University
Current Responsibilities: Teaches several courses in civil Law department: contract and tort, legal theory, labor law, and legal research
Membership/Awards: Best Young Faulty Researcher Kuwait University 2007-2008, King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for use of technology in Education 2006.  Member Arab Women Legal Network, British Institute of International and comparative law
Motivation: Very committed to comparative studies in law and LFP will enable her to better evaluate the relative efficiency of Kuwaiti system.  In current political climate she sees benefit to understanding constitutional law.
Professional Interests: Education and labor, judiciary, social innovation
Previous U.S. Experience: tourist

5. Najat Al-Amiri (Kuwait)
NajatCity, Country: Mubarak al Kaber, Kuwait
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: Bachelor of Law – University of Sharjah, UAE
Current Title and Place of Work:  Legal scholar, Public Institution for Social Security
Current Responsibilities:  Determines conditions for entitlement to retirement pensions and researches other pension and social security laws
Memberships:  none
Motivation: To gain international experience and bring new and useful information to Kuwaiti governmental system, develop strategic plans for future
Professional Interests: women’s issues, human rights, hunger and poverty
Previous U.S. Experience: as a tourist

6. Ahmed Essa (Kuwait)
Ahmed EssaCity, Country: Khaitan, Kuwait
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: BA in Journalism, Kuwait University
Current Title and Place of Work:  Office Director, Al Sharq Al Awsat International newspaper
Current Responsibilities:  Covers stories related to National Assembly and Cabinet, political columnist, international correspondent
Memberships:  Kuwait Journalist Association, International Press Organization, Kuwait Graduate Association, Dubai International Press club
Motivation: Exposure to U.S. system will greatly enhance his journalism, meeting the growing demand for coverage of the lawmaking process in Kuwait.
Professional Interests: media relations, government transparency, reform, foreign affairs
Previous U.S. Experience: none

7. Ahmed Almasharafi (Oman)
Ahmed almasharafiCity, Country:  Manah, Oman
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: MA Health Administration, Western Kentucky University, BSc Health Administration California State University, Fresno
Current Title and Place of Work:  Director of Complementary Medicine Department, Diwan of Royal Court – Medical Services
Current Responsibilities:  He is influential in creating healthcare policy in Oman.  He has studied comparative systems globally, taking particular responsibility for investigating standards for complementary medicine.  He supervises two medical clinics a) Omani traditional medicine b) Chinese medicine
Memberships:  no
Motivation: To study the U.S. legal system, policy formulation for health care, role of media and citizen objections to policies, program will assist in focusing his PhD studies
Professional Interests: government transparency, commerce, healthcare, and economics
Previous U.S. Experience: grad and post-grad degrees in US

8. Basmah Al-Kiyumi (Oman)
BasmaCity, Country: Nizwa, Oman
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: B.A. Law and Politics, University of Manchester UK, currently working on Master of Philosophy on Omani constitution
Current Title and Place of Work:  Assistant Legal Advisor, Oman LNG L.L.C.
Current Responsibilities:  Ensuring company’s compliance, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts, advising management team, and advising on employee disputes.  Conducts many workshops on Omani women’s legal rights
Memberships:  Writer on Omani Internet forums, Omani Writer’s Association
Motivation: To see firsthand how legal reform can balance a society, wants to see how people’s legal rights are secured in the U.S.  She is in a position to help implement constitutional reform in Oman.
Professional Interests: women’s rights, freedom of expression, human rights, networking, lobbying, and campaigning
Previous U.S. Experience: no

9. Huda Al-Mashari (Oman)
HudaCity, Country:  Mawaleh, Oman
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: MSc in Nutrition North Dakota State University, MD Degree Sultan Qaboos University
Current Title and Place of Work:  General of Health Services Muscat region, Ministry of health.  Recently promoted to supervise Nutrition programs in schools.
Current Responsibilities:  Works on and supervises school health and school education programs.
Memberships:  Public Health Committee
Motivation: Improve her skills and learn cross-cultural communication skills, wants to learn more ways to educate teens about health issues
Professional Interests: Education and labor, foreign affairs, NGOs and social innovation
Previous U.S. Experience:  Post-grad work

10. Abdullah Al Mahruqi (Oman)
Abdullah alMahruqiCity, Country: Muscat, Oman
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: BA Journalism Sultan Qaboos University, MA International Studies Griffith University Australia
Current Title and Place of Work:  Media Director, The Research Council
Current Responsibilities:  Prepare annual reports, reports for newspapers and TV and Radio.  Conducts specific research for the cultural, humanities and social sciences
Memberships:  Oman Journalists Association
Motivation: To share his experiences in the U.S. through media outlets and offer workshops to the Research Council on science and technology policy in U.S.  Wants to also look at social security, youth and U.S. leadership programs.
Professional Interests:  women’s issues, human rights, social innovation
Previous U.S. Experience: no

11. Dana Al Sarhani (Oman)
DanaCity, Country:  Muscat, Oman
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: BSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management University of Surry, UK; in the thesis stage for MSc in Responsible Tourism Management, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK
Current Title and Place of Work:  Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing Manager, Omran
Current Responsibilities:  Introducing sustainable tourism policies in Oman.  Managing the Omran branding and company compliance with branding.  Manages all sponsorships and corporate social responsibility issues.  Has also managed junior achievement programs and the training and employment of local low-income people in the tourism fields.
Memberships:  International Center for Responsible Tourism
Motivation: Hopes to learn how to influence legislation, build credibility and rapport for a specific cause with key decision makers, the art of lobbying and networking.
Professional Interests: Human rights, employment, hunger and poverty, environment, energy independence and social innovation.
Previous U.S. Experience:  Visited  as a tourist

12.  Khalid al Haribi                          (Oman)
KhalidCity, Country:  Muscat, Oman
Languages: Arabic and English
Education: BA in Political Science Legal Studies, West Virginia University; Working toward PhD in Quality Assurance, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Current Title and Place of WorkManaging Director of Tawasal (Omani NGO that promotes active civil society)
Current ResponsibilitiesDevelop and implement overall vision and strategy, including project management; implementing activities to promote civil society
MembershipsOman Journalists Association (co-founder), Oman Economists Association
Motivation: Wants to learn how U.S. civil society contributes to promoting successful policy to help encourage effective civil society in Oman; promoting effective checks and balances.
Professional Interests: Empowering civil society in Oman
Previous U.S. Experience: no

13.  Ali Al-Saidi                    (Oman)
AliCity, Country: Saham, Oman
Languages: Arabic and English
Education: LLM in Commercial Law, Bristol University, UK;  LLB in Law, Cardiff University, Wales, UK
Current Title and Place of WorkSenior Legal Researcher, Ministry of Legal Affairs
Current Responsibilities:  Direct involvement in the Omani legislative process, including advancing ideas and criticisms and formulating convincing arguments.
MembershipsMember of the government bioethics committee
Motivation: Interested in a strong rule of law, effective and independent judiciary and legislative system, improving human rights, government transparency, and women’s issues.
Professional Interests: Interested in promoting civic education and promoting awareness of their rights and responsibilities.
Previous U.S. Experience: no

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