Iraqi Youth Leadership

Iraqi participants at the Global Youth VillageStarting in 2007, Legacy in partnership with Meridian International trained 275 teens from Iraq in dialogue and leadership at its Global Youth Village.

Over 200 US teens had the opportunity to make friendships, develop dialogue skills and share laughs during these summer intensives.

The Global Youth Village experience offers a fun, stress free environment for these future leaders to discuss their role in community development.  At the Global Youth Village, gaining self-confidence allows them to imagine a new legacy full of hope.

“I was at camp with Iraqi youth and I was so impressed by their strength to persevere. It is inspiring to see people remain positive and hopeful in the face of such adversity. The challenges that face me in life no longer seem so daunting and I am prepared to face them with the same attitude and persistency I saw in my Iraqi friends.” Shannon Eddy, USA

U.S. Department of StateThe Iraqi Youth Leadership program is an initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs and implemented in partnership with Meridian International.

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  1. liadmin says:

    Hi Megan. Thanks for your interest. Please visit the Global Youth Village website: to find out more about applying to participate in our youth programs, including the Iraqi Youth Leadership program.

  2. Megan says:

    All of these programs seem very interesting. When can you start applying for them?

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