Global Youth Village

IYLP-Follow-on-ProjectsFind out what’s happening each summer when international teens meet with US youth and engage in workshops for peacebuilding,   cross cultural awareness,  dialogue,  leadership skill building,  cultural arts and global music  at Legacy’s Global Youth Village.

Since 1979 Legacy has hosted GYV on its 80 acre campus, fostering dialogue, friendship, and cultural awareness between youth from over 107 countries around the world.

The Global Youth Village offers teen summer programs that focus on intercultural communication and community action. Morning workshops focus on living your life as a peace builder, on living your life as a social innovator and on living your life as a global citizen. The youth delve into topics and explore customs, traditions and hardships of their peers around the world. Participants develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and an expansive world view which stays with them for life.

7 Responses to "Global Youth Village"

  1. mariama says:

    Hi,am mariam ceesay a gambian and am intrested in takking part in the global youth village

  2. ivyadmin says:

    Please contact Jen Lewis, Outreach Coordinator, and visit Global Youth Village website

  3. Klaas says:

    I am keen in being part of the initiatives, what procedure do I follow in order to be part of the programs that you hold.

  4. liadmin says:

    Hi Aly, thanks so much for your interest in our programs. We have been closely following the exciting transitions happening in Egypt and have a large alumni network there. We would love if it you can share your story. Please visit our Global Youth Village website: to find more ways to engage with other youth from around the world.

  5. Aly Nabil says:

    Hello from Cairo,Egypt.
    I am a 15 year old Gcse student and am very interested in what you are offering for students all over the world.As ten world knows Egypt is taking a huge step after the January 2011 revolution which I have witnessed and participated in ,this experience must be shared with other students in troubled countries and peaceful ones too ,this will help me and others share the experience and find out more….

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for your interest. Please visit to learn more about the GYV program and opportunities for participation and employment in that program.

  7. Quagraine Gertrude says:

    Please, i am a university student in Ghana and also a Ghanaian. Am very much interested in what you do and would want to know how i could get involved.

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