We enjoy hearing from you about your experiences in one of Legacy’s Programs. Whether you were a participant, or staff member, host to participants or guest presenter, we are always interested in hearing and sharing with others your involvement.  We welcome your view, please contact us.

Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson, NSLI-Y, 2013 participant

The second time I got in a taxi in which the driver recognized me I actually had absolutely no recollection of him, but he definitely remembered me. He knew the center I was studying at and knew that I was studying Arabic. Like a typical Moroccan he made sure I was ok and asked me if my Arabic was coming along. I told him that I was currently focusing on Arabic grammar, which was turning out to be quite difficult….” (Read more)

Negina Pirzad

Negina Pirzad, NSLI-Y, 2012, participant

“The idea of waking up every morning in Marrakesh, Morocco continues to blow my mind.  Many mornings I need to remind myself of where I am, why I am here, and I constantly feel the need to take the chance to just appreciate everything I have right now. With a powerful religion and a unique society, Morocco’s culture has opened my eyes to a place other than America and has really influenced the way I see and interpret things now, and hopefully will continue to do so once I return home. (Read more)


Sarah Geselowitz

Sarah Geselowitz – NSLI-Y, 2012, participant.

“Being able to take part in my family’s story-telling tradition is one of the warmest aspects of my NSLI-Y experience.  I am terrifically grateful to NSLI-Y for putting me in a position—cultural and linguistic—where I can participate in this tradition, among others.”  (Read more)


Delaney Glass

Delaney Glass

Delaney Glass- NSLI-Y 2011, participant.

“By being granted this honorable scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco my entire life changed. I gained a new perspective on North Africa and the cultures that intertwine to create a beautifully complex whole. My passion for Arabic has increased to the point that I would like to pursue Arabic for the rest of my life.  (Read more)

Holly Ratcliff

Holly Ratcliff, NSLI-Y 2010 , participant

“Having the opportunity this summer to attend the program in Morocco had a profound impact on my understanding of the language, culture, and the course of my future studies.  The knowledge that I gained during this program could not have been matched anywhere else.  The collaboration between the Department of State, American Councils, Legacy International, and the center for Language and Culture in Morocco created an unparalleled learning experience…I recognize the investment that has been made in me and can assure you of dividends to come.”

“I believe the wisest path to a better world is cross-cultural communication, education and understanding. I thank you again for the tools you have given me to be a leader on that path.” (Read more)

Catherine Haslam

Catherine Haslam, NSLI-Y 2010, participant

Not only did my Arabic improve significantly through the intensive study and structure of the  [ALI] Morocco program, but my understanding of Islam and Muslim culture. Within my host family, there were women who wore hijabs, women who didn’t, a very conservative uncle and a more liberal father, and teenagers who reminded me of my friends in America. I was able to achieve the intermediate Arabic certificate from the Center for Language and Culture, Marrakesh, and with it, an improved sense of diplomacy and awareness when speaking to the Moroccans. I developed the curiosity and drive to perfect my Arabic and learn as much as possible in the fields of international relations and the Middle East. …[it] stirred more curiosity that will take me through my goals in diplomacy and government, but most importantly, understanding. Oh, and it was SO MUCH FUN.”  (Read more)

Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones- NSLI-Y 2008, participant.

I just want to thank you for the experience you provided me 3 years ago. It is still paying dividends today….The connections that Legacy helped me foster are still very strong today. Perhaps even more important than the language, Legacy gave me a second home, situated very nicely in Jamaa al-Fna. (Read more)