The Saudi Young Leaders Exchange is initiated and supported by the Embassy of the United States in Saudi Arabia and gives participants the opportunity to develop as leaders, learn practical skills and observe effective volunteerism and community service strategies in the United States.  All are university students who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their schools and communities.


The Professional Fellows Program links community leaders from the United States and four countries in North Africa. It is a two-way citizen exchange program designed as a capacity-building and professional development initiative that serves civil society development in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The program is for early- to mid-career professionals with strong leadership skills, who are committed to making a lasting positive impact through their work in the civil society (NGO) sector.


TechGirls connects and supports women from MENA countries in technology sectors. The Department of State initiative, “TechGirls” is administered by Legacy International and  is designed to connect and support the next generation of women in technology sectors by providing them the access and opportunity needed to pursue careers in technology.

LivingSidebySide ® is Legacy’s signature training experience that foster inter-ethnic, racial, and religious understanding among youths and young adults facing troubled circumstances — in the US or abroad.  This curriculum has brought about great successes in training leaders experiencing interethnic tensions or recent strife.


Global Youth VillageGlobal Youth Village – Since 1979 this dynamic international summer program has trained over 3000 young people from 105 different countries. 

learn arabic in moroccoNSLI-Y Arabic – Morocco American high school students explore new cultures, develop friendships, and increase knowledge of Arabic language and Islamic culture. The program is intensive, academic, and highly interactive.

North Africa Community Health InititativeThe North African Community Health Initiative develops the capacity of community health care professionals by providing tools, models, resource development and knowledge to enhance rural health care in their respective communities.  In particular, this program builds the capacity of professionals who serve marginalized populations, particularly women and children in Egypt and Morocco.

U.S. Capitol The Legislative Fellows Program links community leaders from the United States and countries of the Middle East-North Africa region. This two-year program supports young professionals from North Africa, builds capacity in local Civil Service Organizations (CSOs), and strengthens mutual understanding of the legislative and policy making processes in all countries.