Our Methodology

Legacy offers individuals and organizations practical ways to increase local and regional peace and stability by addressing the root causes of critical issues, such as poverty, inequality, intolerance, and absence of rule of law.  As a result citizens are more invested in their communities, and a culture of participation becomes the standard.

Developed over three decades, our successful programs are tailored to address local interests and participant need. Recognizing that individual circumstances demand different tools, each program design uses the same basic methodology.

    Indonesian youth leaders work together to plan a community improvement project.

  • Create a “learning community” among participants. By developing trust and promoting mutual exchange, participants learn from their colleagues, discover the strength of a team, and lay the foundation for future cooperation.
  • Build common ground based on universally-accepted values . As a way of establishing common ground that builds respect despite differences, values such as respect, understanding, compassion, and service, are overtly affirmed through dialogue, program structures, and staff modeling.
  • Use multiple sources of information. Experts, community leaders from various sectors, prominent retired figures, social innovators, facilitator and trainers of various backgrounds — each voice lends a unique perspective that helps to create a comprehensive picture.  We draw on the experience of experts in various fields, exposing participants to leading thinkers, researchers, and innovative social servants.
  • Frame training around best-of-class models.  Legacy training designs incorporate a variety of well-researched models with proven effectiveness, such as Experiential Learning Model developed by DeKalb; Factors of Inter-Group Harmony identified by Amir and Ben Ari; and well-known techniques of conflict analysis, mediation, and negotiation.
  • Offer Mini-Grants and mentoring over time to support application of new skills.  Training accomplishes very little, unless it is practically applied.  Legacy offers a small grants program and mentors participants through a complete cycle of project development, implementation, and evaluation, as a means of guaranteeing practical application of what has been learned.

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