Indonesia-U.S. Youth Leadership

From 2004-2013  the Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program has engaged high school students in a practical, hands-on experience in environmental action and leadership development. This two-way exchange addresses local and regional environmental issues in the U.S. and Indonesia. Through this program Legacy encourages youth leaders to be a force for community improvement.

Over 300 alumni of the program are enacting change in their communities in U.S. and Indonesia.

US participants hosted by Indonesian participants

US participants hosted by Indonesian participants

Watch three slideshows from 2013 from I-US-Youth Leadership program, as participants visited California, Washington, DC, the Global Youth Village and then traveled through Indonesia.

Watch Michelle’s amazing video documentary, part of her  return home project (2013) to promote greater cultural and environmental awareness in the St. Charles area amongst teens and young adults.

Read about Christo’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” project, a trash management program with separation bins plus workshops on how to make saleable products from recycled materials.

Sponsor and Partner

The I-US-YLP initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs and implemented in partnership with the Center for Civic Education Indonesia (CCEI). Legacy and CCEI have partnered successfully on multiple ECA-funded projects.

Center for Civic Education Indonesia is an Indonesian NGO working to improve the quality of instruction, methods and access to civic education throughout Indonesia. Formerly an international office of the US organization Center for Civic Education based in Calabasas, California, CCEI began to operate independently in 2007.  Currently CCEI has active projects in 22 of the 33 Indonesian provinces, which has resulted in the instruction of over 300,000 students.

4 Responses to "Indonesia-U.S. Youth Leadership"

  1. liadmin says:

    I am sorry Carolus but this program is exclusively for US citizens and applicants must have one year remaining in high school next Fall.

  2. Carolus Dewangga says:

    I’m interesting on this program and I’m from Indonesia, but I’m 12 grade on Senior High School. Can I join?

  3. liadmin says:

    Thanks Meghan:
    Legacy is not conducting the Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program. We will try to find out who is and post the information for you.

  4. Meghan Bishop says:

    Hi,my name is Meghan I’m 15 and a sophomore.I’m taking Spanish in school this year and my teacher told my class about your exchange program. I’ve always wanted to travel to a different country just to experience culture and learn new things. So i don’t know why but I cant seem to find the application on your website. Maybe you could send it to me and possibly give me other information on your program. Thanks! :) P.S. the country I’m interested in going to is Indonesia

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