Living Side by Side ™ is a model training experience developed and tested over three decades, that fosters inter-ethnic, racial and religious understanding among youths facing troubled circumstances in countries that have experienced recent strife. It builds capacity for local organizations and their staff for a sustainable and enduring effect. The program features complete lesson plans, manuals for facilitators and custom training services.

Religion and Society: A Dialogue U.S. and Indonesian- DVD and Study Guide  are  results of a two year- two way exchange between scholars and community leaders in Indonesia and the United States.

For more information about the past project Religion and Society Program. Read More information about our current project, a Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program . For information about our past projects for Indonesian youth, Indonesian Youth Leadership Program.

Islam and Democracy bookIslam and Democracy: A Foundation for Ending Extremism, written by Legacy’s Founder and President, J.E. Rash. This book was created as part of the program  Religion, Human Rights & Democracy: Peer Interactions between Religious and Civic Leaders in the U.S. and in Kazakhstan.

Islam and Democracy is a timely myth-breaker for an era where Islam is often mis-perceived as intolerant, extreme and inherently undemocratic while chauvenistic assertions of the superiority of Western democracy are made too often and too unreflexively by European and North-American ideologues.”

The Human Face of Community Building (PDF) by Shanti Thompson, Vice President, Legacy International.

Community-building is a dynamic process performed on many levels. “Legacy International addresses the human dimension of community-building — creating a tangible sense of community among the groups of people whom we serve; giving them tools to carry back to their colleagues at home. As a consequence, the human dimension of community-building is undertaken quite consciously, at times making a difference in the degree of success in an endeavor.” Some of the understandings that have come through this work are presented in this document.

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